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  1. NEW PRODUCT GN-p200

  2. GN-P200 STRONG POINTS • Best sensitivity in the world. (0.00003 Lux F#1.4 50 IRE) • 700 TV line in B/W and 600 TV line in color. • All the function is controlled through OSD. • Smart IR function. • Lens option : 2.8~12mm, 3.5~16mm, 9~22mm, 6~50mm, 10~100mm

  3. Best sensitivity and resolution in the world. COLOR B / W

  4. DIFFERENT !! Ceiling mount and wall mount available Ceiling mount available This big size camera is usually available on wall mount only. But this P200 can be installed not only on the ceiling but also wall. And very fine calibration of bracket makes the camera direction very accurate as you want. Ceiling mount wall mount

  5. DIFFERENT !! “ Move and leave” lens fixing method “Move and leave” patent applying no. #2010-3595 It is difficult to make focusing sometimes as it is distorted when you fix it by screwing. So we made this “Move and leave” lens fixing method by rubber tension, you don’t need to screw it to fix it.

  6. DIFFERENT !! Easy installation Easy installation First attach the junction box on the wall and insert hinge and then your hands will be free. You can connect all the cables easily by free hands and close the door and screw.

  7. DIFFERENT !! All the setting by opening one door All the setting can be done through one door including lens adjustment You can adjust all the setting by opening one door on the bottom. After adjusting the lens, you don’t need to open another cap or door to do other settings.

  8. DIFFERENT !! Ventilation holes Ventilation holes working Ventilation holes prevent water from being condensed on the window by reducing the temperature difference between inside and outside of camera, and the lowered temperature will prolong the life time of camera.

  9. DIFFERENT !! LED on /off , Adjusting LED power….. Various controls You can turn off IR LEDs when you don’t need sometimes by its excellent sensitivity. You can increase or decrease the power of IR LEDs. You can choose the day/night exchange time by dip switch.

  10. DIFFERENT !! 12V DC and 24V AC separated inside Separated power input We made the power inputs for 12V DC and 24V AC and circuits inside separated to make it stable with high current. Power board has enough tolerance not only for 12V DC but also 24V AC.

  11. DIFFERENT !! No dark corners when lens wide Combination of IR LED angles IR LEDs of the camera should cover both wide and narrow angle according to the zoom of vari-focal lens. We used combination of IR LED angles, 10, 30, 45 to remove the dark corners when the lens wide. 100pcs of IR LEDs can reach 100m at night also.

  12. DIFFERENT !! Fan and Heater option Fan and Heater available Fan and Heater is available as an option to use it in a very harsh condition. When you use a heater, it will be working at -40 °C.

  13. DIFFERENT !! 700 TV line in B/W and 600 TV line in color. 700 TV line in B/W, 600 in color The higher resolution is important, but it is meaningless if sensitivity is poor at night. We are focusing not only on resolution but also sensitivity at night.

  14. DIFFERENT !! Smart IR LED function Smart IR function Sometimes too strong IR LED lighting is reflected by close objects, but this smart IR function prevents an object from being white-out

  15. DIFFERENT !! Lens option : 2.8~12mm, 3.5~16mm, 9~22mm, 6~50mm, 10~100mm World’s first 10-100mm lens built-in 10-100mm lens is available. It will make you overcome the distance limit to install the camera.

  16. DIFFERENT !! SNR3 ( Super Noise Reduction 2D+3D) SNR3 SNR 2D+3D will reduce the noise remarkably. SNR 3D is working on moving objects efficiently.

  17. DIFFERENT !! • HLC (High light Compensation) HLC HLC is upgraded. When you use its function on moving car, it will be better to use higher shutter speed, over 1/500 sec. It will be better to use extra lighting under high shutter speed at night.

  18. CONTACT US #365(303dong-405ho) Techno-park, Samjungdong, Wonmigu, Bucheonshi, Kyunggido, Korea 420-734 Tel. +82 70 8848 3669 Fax. +82 32 328 3668 E-mail :