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  1. Pirates By Charlotte Vessey

  2. Ahoy me mates Pirate Poem Ahoy me hartys It’s time to begin But first take a swig from my bottle of gin Welcome aboard my pirate ship We’re going to have a amazing trip Searching out treasure, gold and diamonds galore Precious gems that you can’t get from a store We may have to battle, we may have to fight But first get some rest it may be a long night.

  3. What is a pirate ? A pirate is a person who attacks and robs ships at sea. A pirate’s life would involve villainous activities like threatening, killing, stealing and taking hostages from boats that are on their own at sea. Most of the pirates time was taken up by sailing on the high seas. Many pirates would wear hoop earrings, as they believed the weight of them on their earlobes would prevent seasickness. Pirates were also seen wearing eye patches, peg legs and hooks, this is because life at sea was very rough and would often lead to them losing body parts. The food on the ships was very poor and most pirates died at an early age.

  4. What do pirates eat ? • When I think about pirates I think of one eyed men eating meat with knives and sipping up sauce with their fingers, snarling under their breath while walking around with a goblet of rum in their hand.

  5. Pirate jokes • What is a pirates favourite study subject?..........arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. • Where do pirates put their trash? the GARRRRRRRRRRRBAGE can!

  6. Famous female pirates ANNE BONNY Anne Bonny was an Irish woman who became a famous pirate in the eighteenth century, operating in the caribbean. Anne was born on the 8thMarch 1702 in Kinsale,Ireland. She died on the 25th April 1782. Because the pirate code did not allow female crew members, she disguised herself as a man and fought a long side the rest of the crew. According to one legend, the first ship mate who found out she was a woman, Anne stabbed him through the heart.

  7. Famous male pirates BLACKBEARD Blackbeard was a very well known pirate from history. He was born in 1680 in Bristol, he died on the 22ndNovember 1718. His full name was Edward Teach, but people called him Blackbeard as a nickname. Blackbeard was a clever pirate. Rather than fighting, he preferred to scare people. He was tall with a long black beard and long hair. During battle Blackbeard would put fire on his beard and hair to try and scare people, around his body he carried 6 pistols.

  8. MODERN DAY PIRATES Pirates still exist nowadays, but they look very different to the olden day pirates. These pirates are called Somali pirates. Since 1990 they have captured hundreds of ships, including fishing vessels and huge oil tankers. They have made millions of dollars from their ransom demands.

  9. The end • Thanks for watching