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The Pirates

The Pirates

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The Pirates

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  1. ThePirates

  2. The pirates are former thieves who went in search of treasures. Most have a lot of tattoos of marine maps. They have tropical birds, like parrots. Many pirates have an unhealthy life because they drink a lot of alcoholic drinks so they are overweight. Their lives aren't the more energetic than sportsmen, but the live in a boat isn't the safest so they have to do sport enough

  3. THE MOST IMPORTANT PIRATES OF THE CINEMA´S HISTORY The captain Hook is the most attractive pirate of Disney´s films. Jack Sparrow is funnier than Hook but he is definitely too much crazy

  4. Peter Pan cut off Hook's hand and gave it to eat a crocodile. Now he wants to kill Hook Peter Pan and his friends. Hook´s story

  5. Captain Hook has a black wig and moustache He hasn't got any earrings or piercing Hook thinks that he is the most handsome of the film.

  6. The captain is very healthy because it makes a little sport in his boat every day, because he is the most responsible pirate with his diet. But he love smoking

  7. His live is too dangerous, because he is always fighting with Peter but he also always fails Sword Hook He always were his hook an his sword

  8. The actor who interprets Jack is Johnny Deep. Jack Sparrow is a pirate of America. He doesn´t like the problems so he leave when has got one. This pirate is more funny than Hook because he lives unexpected  circumstances JACK SPARROW

  9. He has long and dark brown hair , which carries dreadlocks. It has a small beard "goat" that collects in two braids. Under the nose he has a little moustache. He has three rings, but the most important have in the right hand. The ring is a skull with a green stone.

  10. Jack has an unmistakable tattoo of a sparrow, who is flying in a sunset over the ocean

  11. JACK uses make up, particularly eye shadow. Often he make up his face like a tribes boys.