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Unit 4 Grammar PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 4 Grammar

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Unit 4 Grammar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 4 Grammar. Discussion. Could you tell us something about what we learned in the last period?. Work out the rules. 我们用 if 条件状语从句来谈论 “可能的行动导致的可能的结果” If we grow more bamboo, giant pandas will have more food to eat. Giant pandas will die if we do not protect them. If hunters …

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Unit 4 Grammar

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    1. Unit 4 Grammar

    2. Discussion Could you tell us something about what we learned in the last period?

    3. Work out the rules 我们用if 条件状语从句来谈论 “可能的行动导致的可能的结果” If we grow more bamboo, giant pandas will have more food to eat. Giant pandas will die if we do not protect them.

    4. If hunters … they will.. If people … They will … problems If farmers … Giant pandas will …

    5. problems If hunters they will If farmers giant pandas will If people they will catch a giant panda kill it for its fur. cut down trees and forests have nowhere to live. find baby pandas alone often take them away.

    6. What will happen? D 1. If I see a snake in front of me, ____ 2. Giant pandas will survive ____ 3. I will see some beautiful birds ____ 4. If I go to North Africa, ____ 5. If I have time next weekend, ____ C E A B

    7. A. I will see a lot of camels. B. I will go to the zoo. C. if we protect them D. I will run the other way. E. if I walk through a rainforest,

    8. Why do I want to go to Beijing Zoo? go 1. If I ___ (go) to Beijing Zoo, I ________ (learn) a lot about animals. 2. If I ______ (arrive) at noon, I ______ (see) the feeding of animals. 3. If I ____ (find) the Monkey Hill, I ________ (have) fun there. will learn arrive will see find will have

    9. 4. If I _____ (watch) the animals carefully, I ______ (get) enough information for my class report (报告). 5. If I _____ (finish) my report(报告), I ______ (be) very happy. watch will get finish will be

    10. Fill in the blanks dies will look 1. If Eddie ____ (die), no one ________ (look) after Hobo. 2. If Eddie and Hobo _________ (not have) enough food, they ________ (share) it. 3. Wild animals ______ (be) in danger if hunters ____ (keep) killing them. don’t have will share will be keep

    11. will keep build 4. We _______ (keep) pandas safe from danger if we _____ (build) more reserves. 5. You ______ (see) some squirrels if you __ (go) to the zoo. 6. The baby panda ______ (live) on his own if his mother _____ (leave) him for two whole days. will see go will live leaves

    12. build will encourage 7. If we ____ (build) the giant panda reserves, we ____________ (encourage) them to leave. 8. If we _______ (not do) anything, soon there ______ (be) no pandas in the world. don’t do will be

    13. Making comparisons. 1. If people find baby pandas alone, they _______ (take) them away. 2. If pandas are hungry, they ___ (eat) bamboo leaves. 3. If birds are frightened, they _______ (fly) away. will take eat will fly

    14. will take 4. If there are many beautiful birds in the zoo, we _______ (take) a camera with us. 5. If a tiger ___________ (not have) food for 15 days, it ___ (die). doesn’t have dies

    15. Giving reasons with “because” Xi Wang had to look after herselfbecauseher mother had another baby. Why did you go to Beijng Zoo ? Why didn’t you take any food for animals?

    16. Why did you stay in the zoo for so much time? Why must we protect wild animals?

    17. Giving reasons with “because of” It is very difficult for giant pandas to survive in the wildbecause ofmany reasons. All the people cheered / the wonderful show

    18. Lots of people know about the show/ the ads. The dolphins were really tired/the performance Some students couldn't go to the show/the exam

    19. Giving reasons with “because of” 1. Why is the ground all wet? (flood)The ground was all wet because of the flood. 2. Why is he so happy? (got an A for English)

    20. 3. Why is she so sad? (lost her pen) 4. Why is the baby crying? (hunger) 5. Why didn’t you go to the show? (the maths exam)

    21. Work out the rules: We can use “because” and “because of” to give the reason(s) for something. The word “because” introduces the clause of reason and we usually put it in the middle of a sentence. We use a noun, a noun phrase or a pronoun after “because of”.