transfer the blessings the calling of the congregation n.
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Transfer the Blessings: The Calling of the Congregation PowerPoint Presentation
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Transfer the Blessings: The Calling of the Congregation

Transfer the Blessings: The Calling of the Congregation

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Transfer the Blessings: The Calling of the Congregation

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  1. Transfer the Blessings:The Calling of the Congregation

  2. Be my witnesses… Congregational Leadership Congregational Gift Planner Mission Outreach Counselor Empowering Congregations for Mission Focus in Jerusalem, and in Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.Acts 1:8 Development Plan Mission Plan Organizational & Strategic Plan

  3. Congregational Strategic Plans • Congregational Endowment Funds • Congregational Gift Planners • The Benefits of Transfer the Blessings

  4. Congregational Strategic Plan

  5. Congregational Strategic Plan • Mission Statement • Core Values • Vision • Goals • Master Plan Be my witnesses… in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Acts 1:8

  6. Three Reasons People Will Make A Long-Term Commitment • They know the mission • They believe in the mission • They are convinced that the mission can be accomplished

  7. How do we meet the Church’s needs? We ask for cash… but only 9% of assets are in cash.

  8. Needed Time to Build Infrastructure 2018 2008 2005 2030 $52 - $125 Trillion An opportunity to encourage congregations to channel the assets we manage for God in harmony with our values and to accomplish God’s purposes.

  9. Planned Giving Facts • 88% of wealth is held by individuals 65+ • The national average for planned gifts is about $20,000 or 20 times an annual gift • It takes 3-5 years for an endowment or planned giving program to begin showing results • 80-85% of planned gifts come from bequests Source: NCPG 2002 Donor Survey

  10. The Top Six Reasons People Give • Belief in mission • Community responsibility & civic pride • Fiscal stability: organization that is well managed • Regard for staff leadership • Regard for volunteer leadership • Service on a board or committee The Last Three Reasons People Give • Appeal of proposals or promotional material • Tax considerations • Guilt or obligation

  11. Congregational Endowment Fund

  12. What is the Purposeof Establishing an Endowment Fund? To establish a reserve or nest egg for the rainy day when offerings get low and bills can’t be paid . . . OR . . . To build vision for the future ministry of the congregation?

  13. By Establishing an Endowment Fund… • God’s Spirit infuses the congregation to accelerate its ministry. • The congregation helps its members bring their personal gift plans out of their hearts and into action.

  14. An Endowment Fund operates on stewardship-based principles The Biblical basis for stewardship, and the Endowment’s role in it, is a message to be delivered by the pastoral staff and the endowment committee.

  15. Five Steps to Creating and Growing an Endowment Fund • Identify the need for an endowment • Learn what an endowment is, and what it can do for our members and our ministry • Identify the special ministries that will be supported by the endowment • Establish the endowment fund • Create a Transfer the Blessings plan that includes both marketing and communications components

  16. Congregational Gift Planners

  17. Current Service Model For Gift Planning Congregation members Relationship Gap District Gift Planning Counselor Relationship Gap Congregation members

  18. Current Challenge for Gift Planners • 150 families served per year • 106,000 members in the District • 4 members per family on average • 175 years to see everyone! How can we serve more families?

  19. New Service ModelFor Gift Planning Congregation members 3-6 support people Congregational Gift Planner Congregation members

  20. Congregational Gift Planners • Will help make sure every member of each congregation has an opportunity to Transfer the Blessings • Understand that a stewardship heart is at the center of our relationship with God • Do not need to be lawyers or accountants • Do not have a conflict of interest

  21. The Three Most Important Questions of Gift Planning • What kind of opportunities can we provide? • What relationships can we create? • How can we create new relationships?

  22. Organizational Chart for Gift Planning Congregation members 3-6 supporting people Congregation Gift Planner Small Groups

  23. Building Relationships One-on-one is the best way to convey our message. The further we remove ourselves from that ideal, the less likely we’ll be to get the response we seek.

  24. The Next Steps… Commit to become a Congregational Gift Planner • Go through the training • Complete your own Lifetime Plan for GivingTM • Become a Commissioned Gift Planner in your congregation

  25. The Benefits

  26. District Model Congregational Gift Planner Congregational Gift Planner Congregational Gift Planner Congregational Gift Planner Congregational Gift Planner Congregational Gift Planner District Gift Planning Counselor Manager of Gift Planning Services Sr. Vice President Gift Planning Services Gift Planning Support Staff LCMS International Center, 1333 S. Kirkwood Rd., St. Louis, MO 63122-7295 Main Office: (800) 325-7912,

  27. Transfer the Blessings Desired Outcomes • Complete a Lifetime Plan for GivingTM thoughtfully and carefully • Pass on gifts God has entrusted to our family or heirs as a blessing • Accomplish God’s plan for our lives according to HIS purposes

  28. Giving and BlessingsProportional to Faith, Hope and Love “…whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst.” John 4:14a