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The 3rd Tier

The 3rd Tier

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The 3rd Tier

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  1. The 3rd Tier SSgt Tanya N. Miller Little Rock AFB

  2. The 3rd Tier. • The 3rd tier of Culture of Responsible Choices (CoRC) resounds Base Community. • Base Community establishes efforts at the population level. • Base • Squadron • Unit

  3. The 3rd Tier cont. • Thus directly targeting promotions of alcohol misuse and drug use through: • Cultural Beliefs • Environment • Policy • Activities • This is done in order to target the base processes and not the person.

  4. The 3rd Tier cont. • The program is leadership driven and ultimately belongs to Commanders. • Recreational activities are to be developed to help provide healthy alternatives to drinking. • Community awareness regarding the consequences of irresponsible behaviors need to be enhanced. • Give facts about heavy alcohol use. • Talk about impact on readiness and missionaccomplishment.

  5. The 3rd Tier cont. • Feedback from our target audience (18-24 year olds) is a must and will be used for: • Designing and utilizing tool kits • Designing appealing media to better reach our target • Media will be persistent and dynamic in order to BUST myths about alcohol • Media will promote and help enhance member responsibility

  6. The 3rd Tier cont. • Ensure target audience has complete access to all program components and expectations. • Target audience must have regular updates about program processes and changes. • Ultimately we must track program metrics at the base and Air Force level.

  7. Little Rock AFB Leading the Way • Leadership driven started with BG Kip Self in the Spring of 2006 when he directed our SJA and SARC to develop a Statement of Understanding (SOU). • The SOU encompasses: • DUI/DWI • Sexual Assault Prevention • Responsible Choices

  8. Leading the Way cont. • Every supervisor reviews SOU with subordinates they write EPRs or OPRs on including all new Airmen and all students assigned to the school house. • Both Sign and Date the SOU. • Revisit prior to: • All Holidays • Sexual Assault Awareness month in April • Upcoming Spring/Summer activities

  9. Leading the Way cont. • Retain in PIF while assigned at Little Rock AFB. • Civilians employees are provided with SOU FYI copy. • Encourage base Commanders to make responsible choice briefings part of every Commander’s Call. • This goes along with the AF Roll Call initiative.

  10. Taking it to our Airman through Fellowship • In 2006 along with the Chapel we started an Airman’s Center called, “Crossroads Café” which now falls under the Wing IDS/CoRC plan by providing an area focused on our target Airmen E-5 and below a place to: • Relax • Socialize • Play games • Use computers • Watch Movies All in a non-alcohol environment dedicated to a “Work Smart, Play Smart” attitude.

  11. Taking it to the Airman through Services • Services Squadron (SVS) enacted: • More Non-alcohol trips • Outings • Concerts • In order to promote a responsible lifestyle that won’t empty your pocket book.

  12. Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) • Brief every squadron annually at Commander’s Calls regarding Tobacco Cessation. • Medical Group providers will refer 100% of tobacco users to the HAWC for education. • Create pamphlets for off base providers to use when referring beneficiaries.

  13. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) • Increase presence at Commander’s Calls. • Increase presence at base wide meetings/events. • Shirt’s meetings • Air Force Sergeants Association • Crossroads Café • Health fairs • Etc… • Augment information presented with educational materials about drinking responsibly, use of illegal substances, and consequences of violating this policy.

  14. Integrated Delivery System (IDS) • The IDS is: • Advocating for a 314 AW Commander’s Policy Letter • Specifying policies limiting tobacco use for military and civilian personnel • Establishing Non-smoking as the norm. • Having all IDS agencies refer individuals to helping services.

  15. Airman and Family Readiness Flight (A&FRF) • A&FRF will: • Continue to offer financial counseling but will add focus more on the financial impact of tobacco and alcohol use. • Show members and their dependents how this money can be used more productively.

  16. The way of Little Rock AFB BG Self and Senior Leadership have embraced and are promoting the CoRC as the way we’re going to work and play at “The Rock.” Now let’s challenge each other to go Air Force wide.

  17. Questions. “Questions?”