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Focus on JD Edwards World: Procure to Pay Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Focus on JD Edwards World: Procure to Pay Class

Focus on JD Edwards World: Procure to Pay Class

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Focus on JD Edwards World: Procure to Pay Class

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  1. Focus on JD Edwards World: Procure to Pay Class Dennis Nelson, Senior Support Engineer OSS Jenny Felice, Senior Support Engineer OSS Teri Maxwell, Senior Manager OSS Sue Brown, Director Product Strategy

  2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

  3. Agenda Introduction Procurement Enhancements Procure to Pay Lifecycle Accounts Payable Enhancements Correction of a Voucher Deleted in Accounts Payable Questions

  4. World Procurement Enhancements Approvals Management for Purchase Orders No Supplier Master - Prohibit Order Entry Prohibit Supplier Change in Voucher Match Supplier Prices for Negative Quantities Company Business Unit Defaults User Defined Data Purchase Order Bursting for E-Mail Delivery EDI Error Notification

  5. Approvals Management for Purchase Orders The Approvals Management system has been expanded to accommodate purchase orders. Approvals Management was a new system introduced in the A9.1 release to accommodate changes in the Address Book system. The primary benefits of using approvals management for Procurement are that it provides: A flexible set of variables on which to base your approvals An elaborate designation of approvers A central workbench in which to manage approvals for different applications

  6. Base Approvals on Any Data in: • Purchase Order Header (F4301) • Purchase Order Detail (F4311) • Purchase Order Multiple Accounts (F4316)

  7. Approval Requests Can Be Triggered by (but not limited to): • Upper and Lower Amount Limits • Order Types • Cost Centers or Branches • Account numbers  • Suppliers, buyers or other address numbers • Foreign amounts (in multi-currency environments)

  8. For more information: • See Document 889689.1: Approvals Management for Purchase Orders. • Attend……..

  9. No Supplier Master - Prohibit Order Entry Purchase Order Entry (P4311) has been enhanced with a processing option to prohibit the entry of orders for which there is no Supplier Master record (F0401) set up for the Supplier or Ship-To address number. This will prohibit the inadvertent entry of purchase orders using customer address numbers.

  10. P4311 Processing Option

  11. Prohibit Supplier Change in Voucher Match Voucher Match (P4314) has been enhanced with a processing option to prohibit changes to the supplier number. This will help to cover security gaps in the Voucher Match program.

  12. P4314 Processing Option

  13. Supplier Prices for Negative Quantities Prior to the A9.2 release, if you entered a purchase order stock line for a negative quantity, the system would not retrieve a supplier price for the goods, provided you set up amounts in the Supplier Price file (F41061).  It would use the purchasing cost value from the F4105. The system will now retrieve supplier prices for negative purchase order quantities.

  14. Purchase Price level 1 or 2 - F41061 Cost

  15. Supplier Defaults by Company/Business Unit This enhancement allows you to enter supplier Payment Information, Category Code and Accounting Distribution Information by Company and/or Business Unit for the same supplier. Defaults and controls at a company and/or business unit level rather than just at the supplier or customer level. New file F04015- Supplier Master Company/Business Unit

  16. Supplier Master

  17. Supplier Co/Bus. Unit Defaults

  18. Order Default settings

  19. Supplier Purchasing Instructions

  20. Supplier – Supplier Master

  21. Ship To Purchasing Instructions

  22. Default Values at PO Entry Red = From Supplier Blue = From Ship To

  23. Business Unit Default Settings

  24. Defaulting from BU Defaults

  25. Voucher w/o BU Defaults Pay Terms = A Tax = S/Den Alt Payee = 4343

  26. Voucher with BU Defaults for BU 10 Pay Terms = NXT Tax = E/CO Alt Payee = 4345

  27. User Defined Data The User Defined Data (UDD) enhancement consists of numerous new files and programs that allow you to store and maintain supplemental data pertinent to inventory items, customers, suppliers, sales orders, and purchase orders. The data you store for suppliers and inventory items can be used to default to the user-defined data you add for purchase orders. Accommodate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) clients who require a greater number of fields in which to store trading partner specific data. User defined data for purchase orders can be brought in to, or extracted from, the system via pertinent EDI transaction programs. For more information, see Document 858973.1: User Defined Data for Distribution.

  28. Set Up Supplier Default Values – F04016

  29. UDD Defaults

  30. Define F04016  F43016

  31. Default @ PO Entry

  32. Problem: • Does your enterprise suffer from a cumbersome PO distribution process? Do you have requirements for e-delivery of Purchase Orders to suppliers? Is there an immediate need to streamline and speed up Purchase Order document delivery? • Solution: • Using JDE World Purchasing and Electronic Document Deliverywith integrated Oracle BI Publisher, users can generate and automatically distribute pixel perfect formatted PO documents to your suppliers via electronic communication: i.e. E-mail.

  33. Continuing to expand the capabilities of Export and Electronic Document Delivery • More DREAM Writers have been enabled • MPS Planning Report P3450 • Supplier Schedule Print P34450 • Invoices P42565 • Purchase Orders P43500 • Quote Request P43530 • FASTR and STAR are enabled • Sample Templates for BI Publisher reports are available for users to begin working with

  34. Publish data through the integration to BI Publisher (sample templates available)

  35. Our Example: Publish and Email Purchase Order(s) to Suppliers

  36. Purchase Order Bursting for E-Mail Delivery You can set up the system to deliver purchase orders to your suppliers via e-mail as of the A9.2 cumulative update 1 release. Bursting capability has been added to the Purchase Order Print program (P43500) such that the spool file generated by P43500 is burst by supplier for purposes of delivering purchase orders by e-mail. The Quote Request program (P43530) also has bursting capability as of the A9.2 base release. Using this functionality requires that you set up the Electronic Document Delivery system (EDD). For more information about EDD, see Document 964321.1: JD Edwards World A9.2 Working with Electronic Document Delivery.

  37. EDI Error Notification • Specific EDI programs have been enhanced to take advantage of the new Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) functionality to e-mail trading partners concerning errors that occur on inbound transactions. • The programs that accommodate inbound EDI transaction sets 810, 855 and 865 will now allow for notifying trading partners of problems so they can correct and resend their data, as necessary. • The programs will also purge transactions records in error upon notification to the trading partner. • For more information, see Document 858992.1: EDI Error Notification

  38. Additional Procurement Enhancements • New Inquiry and Report to Cross Reference a Purchase Order to Associated G/L Documents • Enter Receipts, Do Not Allow Inventory to go Negative – P4312 • Prevent the Creation of Accounts Payable Vouchers for Selected Line Types and Zero Dollar Vouchers • Accommodate Summarized Journal Entries via the RNV Reconciliation “As Of” Report • Update Lot Category Values Upon Receipt of an Item to New Lot • Behind the Scenes Changes to Aid in the Prevention of Rounding Issues • Accommodate Stock Line Types on Direct Ship Orders via the Receipt Process

  39. Procurement – Cross Reference PO to G/L The PO/Receipt/Voucher Summary Inquiry (P43260) is a new program that allows you to inquire on a purchase order to view the G/L Documents associated with the order. Options exits from the video allow you to access: • Purchase Order Entry • Open Order Information (P43030W) • Journal Entries (P09101) • Item Ledger (P4111) • Voucher Match (P4314) • Operation Ledger Inquiry for Receipts Routing (P43252) • Enter/Change Work Orders (P48013)

  40. Procurement – Cross Reference PO to G/L

  41. Option 1 will show PO info – P43030W

  42. Option 2 will show POE – P4311

  43. Option 3 will show Journal Entries - P09101

  44. Option 4 will show Open Order Inquiry – P430301

  45. Option 5 will show Item Ledger – P4111

  46. Option 6 will show Manufacturing Work Order Detail P48013

  47. Option 7 will show Voucher Match - P4314

  48. Option 8 will show Receipt Routing Ledger Inquiry – P43252