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Early Assessment Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Early Assessment Program

Early Assessment Program

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Early Assessment Program

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  1. Early Assessment Program Preparing for College-LevelEnglish and Mathematics High School Counselor Conferences Carolina Cardenas, Associate Director, Academic Outreach and Early Assessment Jeff Gold, Director, Academic Technology Development Office of the Chancellor, The California State University

  2. Collaboration • California State Board of Education • California Department of Education • California State University The CSU Early Assessment Program EAP

  3. Goals of the EAP • Give students an early signal of college readiness • Identify students before their senior year who need to do additional work in English and/or mathematics before entering the CSU • Collaborate with the high school community • Inform students, families, and high schools of students’ readiness for college-level work and partner with high school teachers and administrators to develop solutions • Provide 12th grade interventions • Motivate students to take needed steps in 12th grade to assure readiness

  4. Components of the EAP • 11th grade testing • Professional development for teachers • Supplemental preparation for students The CSU Early Assessment Program is comprised of three core components which provide a comprehensive solution for helping students become ready for college.

  5. Why Should 11th Grade Students Participate in the EAP? • Earn an exemption from CSU-required English and/or mathematics placement tests • Identify the need for additional preparation for college-level courses while in high school • Adjust senior-year coursework to prepare for college-level courses • Avoid investing time and money in college remediation courses that do not count toward a baccalaureate degree

  6. What Do Students Think About the EAP?

  7. What Do the EAP Results Mean? • Ready for CSU College-Level Mathematics/English • Student demonstrates readiness for college level coursework in English Language Arts and/or mathematics and is exempt from further CSU testing. • Ready for CSU College-Level Mathematics - Conditional • Student demonstrates readiness for college level coursework in mathematics at that point in time. However, successful completion of a senior year math experience is required to retain the exemption. • Not Yet Demonstrating Readiness for CSU College-Level Mathematics/English • Student does not demonstrate readinessforcollege level coursework in English Language Arts and/or mathematics and is encouraged to participate in a senior year experience in either or both areas. Student must take the placement exams.

  8. Fulfilling the CSU Mathematics and English Placement Requirements Is Very Difficult • The EAP tests are tough • 15-20% of students typically demonstrate complete readiness in English • 10-15% of students typically demonstrate complete readiness in math • 40-45% of students typically demonstrate conditional readiness in math • Using SAT scores to fulfill the CSU placement requirement is difficult • 550 or above is needed in the verbal section • 550 or above is required on the math section • As a result, in 2006 approximately • 60% of incoming students were ready for English • 65% of incoming students were ready for math

  9. Professional Development for Teachers • Expository Reading and Writing Course • Emphasizes in-depth study of expository, analytical, and argumentative writing • Deepens students’ critical reading, writing, and thinking skills • Approved to fulfill the B requirement of the A-G subject area requirements • Reading Institutes for Academic Preparation • Improves capacity to teach reading and academic literacy across the curriculum for 9th - 12th grade teachers in all subject areas • Mathematics Program • Increases teacher’s knowledge and understanding of the EAP program • Examines student performance on the CSU Entry Level Mathematics Exam to identify and analyze patterns of student strengths and weaknesses

  10. EAP 2007 Updates • EAP results are now available on the STAR Report • The results are on the backside of the report in the lower left corner • EAP results are not included on the CDE label with the rest of the student STAR results • Student can also check their EAP status online • Students who cannot locate their STAR report and cannot retrieve their EAP status online will be directed to you for a copy. • EAP aggregate data will soon be available online • On September 20th a website with access to EAP district/school reports will be available • The data will be organized in aggregate form and by sub-groups

  11. EAP 2007 Updates • Students should be encouraged to release their scores to the CSU • Student need to fill in a bubble on their answer sheet in order to release their scores. • Doing so allows them to retrieve their scores online and ensures that CSU admissions receives their scores after they are admitted. • The EAP is voluntary and does not affect admission to the CSU. • Efforts are underway to expand the EAP to other institutions • SB945 • CCC Assessment Policy recommendations • Make plans for the 2008 EAP essay administration • March 4 - 31, 2008

  12. Math and English Success Websites • Free, customized information and tools for students, teachers, and counselors • Checklists and guidance tips for parents (English and Spanish) • Personalized roadmaps with step by step advice and e-mail reminders • Student testimonial videos • Online learning tools

  13. Motivation - Student Testimonial Videos • Videos were shot of students enrolled in developmental math and English courses at Fresno State and Long Beach State • Videos have proven to be an effective motivational tool in convincing high school students to take the CSU math and English placement requirements seriously

  14. Authoritative Advice - Personalized Roadmap • Students are encouraged to create a roadmap to receive personalized advice about how to best meet the ELM and EPT Requirements • The first step requires students to answer 1-5 questions • The questioning process determines what advice the student will be given • Over 30 personalized roadmaps can be generated depending on student responses

  15. Authoritative Advice - Personalized Roadmap • The roadmap informs students of the series of steps that they should take to become ready for the CSU • All information is provided via customized checklists that students can update in real time • The roadmap can be printed • All items are linked to other pages that provide further detail

  16. Online Tools – English and Math Test Prep MATH • Online practice multiple choice tests (free) • Online intelligent math tutor ($35) ENGLISH • Online practice multiple choice tests with personalized feedback (free) • Calibrated Peer Review online essay writing tool (free)

  17. Online Tools – ALEKS Intelligent Math Tutoring • ALEKS is an online tutorial which helps students prepare for the Entry Level Math (ELM) Exam • It costs $35 through the CSU Math Success website. • Fee waivers are available • Students work at their own pace • Students can track their progress by viewing a pie chart which provides a snapshot of their current knowledge state • A guided course is available for “Conditionally Ready” students who are not taking math in their senior year. Passing this course fulfills the CSU math placement requirement.

  18. Online EAP Status Check • Students can determine their EAP math and English status online at this website. • Students then receive personalized advice for fulfilling the CSU math and English placement requirements in the most efficient way.

  19. EAP STAR Report Website • Explanation of all EAP statuses • Student video explaining the importance of EAP • Links to advising tools and exam prep resources on the Math and English Success Websites

  20. What Can I Do? • Contact your local EAP Coordinator. • Encourage your 12th grade students to determine their EAP status ASAP. • Talk about the importance of EAP with your 11th grade students. • Encourage all students to visit the CSU Math and English Success Websites. • Inform English teachers about the free CSU Calibrated Peer Review program. • Inform English and math teachers about CSU professional development opportunities. • Visit the CSU EAP Website at to learn more about the program.