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PowerPoint Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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PowerPoint Workshop

PowerPoint Workshop

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PowerPoint Workshop

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  1. PowerPoint Workshop Kevin Reiss Law Library Spring 04

  2. Start Menu Choices • AutoContent Wizard • Choose presentation content layout and style built-in Content Choices • Design Templates • Choose from stock or custom-made style for your presentation • Blank Presentation • Choose styling for each slide as you create the presentation

  3. Start Menu • First Choose a presentation option • Choose the Design Template Option • Choose a color scheme that you like • Start creating your content

  4. Normal View • Look at the View Menu – There are 3 different “views” in PowerPoint • The “Normal” view is view in which you create Slides • Screen is divided into: • Outline – Edit text or view Thumbnails (left) • Design – Edit slide design and text

  5. Normal View Cont.. Outline Area Design Area

  6. Adding Slides • Choose Insert | New Slide • If you choose Design Template the slide should already be styled, to change select Format | Slide Design • To choose a slide layout select choose Format | Slide Layout • To delete a slide select the slide in the outline area and click delete or choose Edit | Delete Slide

  7. Slide Layout • Choose Format | Slide Layout • Slide Layouts are available for: • Text • Content • Text and Content • Charts, graphs, images

  8. Working With Bullets • To change bullet style • Choose Format | Bullets/Numbering

  9. Other Text Options • Most can be found on the familiar Windows formatting toolbar at the top of screen • Or by right clicking on the slide in Normal View • Text can also be inserted into graphics and images by selecting Insert | Text Box Rutgers University

  10. Resizing and Formatting Text • Format text boxes by double-clicking the box outline to bring up the Format AutoShape dialog • Don’t forget UNDO, or ctrl-z • Graphics can be formatted using Format Picture

  11. How do I Reorder Slides? • Slides can be reordered in Slide Sorter View • Access this view by making the menu choice View | Slide Sorter • You can reorder them in the Outline Portion of Normal View

  12. Inserting Images • In PowerPoint-speak images are objects • Tables, charts, and graphs also can be inserted as “objects” into a presentation • You can insert most graphics formats into a presentation • There are a number of ways to do this • First you need to find an image: • Google Image Search can help

  13. Inserting the Image • Select Insert | Picture | From File from the top toolbar • Remember that picture you grabbed from google? • Find it using this dialog and insert it into your presentation

  14. Drawing with PowerPoint • You can add shapes and lines to your presentations • Drawing tools are available on the drawing toolbar at the bottom of the screen

  15. Adding Hyperlinks • Hyperlinks are simple: • Just choose Insert | Hyperlink on the main toolbar and fill in the dialog that opens • It is a good idea to fill in the exact URL you wish to link to, i.e. write rather than

  16. Starting the Presentation • To start your presentation you need to enter SLIDE Show View • Two ways to do this • Choose View | Slide Show • Click the slide show icon located on the views menu at the bottom Left-Hand corner of the screen

  17. Making Global Changes • What happens if you want to change the look of every slide in your presentation, but keep the same content? • You can use the Slide Master option • To enter the Slide Master choose View | Master | Slide Master • There are masters for both the title and content slides

  18. Slide Master Cont. • The Slide Master should look something like this:

  19. Slide Master Cont. • In Slide Master View you can add headers and footers by selecting View | Header / Footer • Any stylistic changes you make or graphics you add to the Slide Master will be reflected in all of the slides in your presentation

  20. PowerPoint to HTML • Save your presentation as a webpage, and upload it to your Pegasus account • To save as a webpage go to File | Save As Web Page • Unfortunately PowerPoint only saves in a format that looks okay in Internet Explorer • Upload the folder to your Pegasus account

  21. For Future Reference • Useful Tutorials • • • • Office’s built-in help feature • Searchable • Available from the HELP menu