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PowerPoint Workshop

PowerPoint Workshop. Paul Harris Director, GCRC Informatics. Design Templates / Master Slides. View  Master  Slide Master. Replace Fonts (Globally). Format  Replace Fonts. Hiding Slides (Why?). Hide Slides. Presentation Shortcuts. Use F1 during – View Show B, W, #-Enter.

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PowerPoint Workshop

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Presentation Transcript

  1. PowerPoint Workshop Paul Harris Director, GCRC Informatics

  2. Design Templates / Master Slides View  Master  Slide Master

  3. Replace Fonts (Globally) Format  Replace Fonts

  4. Hiding Slides (Why?) Hide Slides

  5. Presentation Shortcuts Use F1 during – View Show B, W, #-Enter

  6. Animating a Slide (1) Each entity is an object and may be animated separately. Menu - Slide Show Custom Animation Animation order can be moved up and down with arrows.

  7. Animating a Slide (2) Menu - Slide Show Custom Animation Choose effects tab to alter animation effects and sound. Dimming

  8. Animation Example 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = Show Grouping Here

  9. V V Animation Example - Viscosity y Y t<0 x Lower plate given a velocity V t=0 t>0 At steady-state

  10. Animation Example - Turbulence Laminar Low flow High flow Turbulent Dye injection Osborne Reynolds, Phil. Trans. Royal Soc., 1883

  11. Adding Clips Menu  Insert Picture  Clip Art Choose pictures, sounds or motion clips from local machine, CD or WWW (thousands)

  12. Adding Video Clips Menu  Insert Movies and Sounds  From File These files already saved on local hard drive.

  13. Video Example

  14. Adding Equations , Colors, Drawing Tools Mass Menu  Insert Object  Microsoft Equation Select and Group these objects, then animate the group. Text

  15. Graphing Insert  Chart

  16. Graphing Example

  17. Excel or Word Import

  18. Adding Buttons This is a hypertext link.

  19. Adding Loops (Custom Shows) Kiosks or pre-meeting loops

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