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PowerPoint Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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PowerPoint Workshop

PowerPoint Workshop

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PowerPoint Workshop

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Presentation Transcript

    1. 1 PowerPoint Workshop Kevin Reiss Law Library Spring 04

    2. 2 Start Menu Choices AutoContent Wizard Choose presentation content layout and style built-in Content Choices Design Templates Choose from stock or custom-made style for your presentation Blank Presentation Choose styling for each slide as you create the presentation

    3. 3 Start Menu First Choose a presentation option Choose the Design Template Option Choose a color scheme that you like Start creating your content

    4. 4 Normal View Look at the View Menu – There are 3 different “views” in PowerPoint The “Normal” view is view in which you create Slides Screen is divided into: Outline – Edit text or view Thumbnails (left) Design – Edit slide design and text You can remove both the outline and dialog section in normal view if you so desire.You can remove both the outline and dialog section in normal view if you so desire.

    5. 5 Normal View Cont..

    6. 6 Adding Slides Choose Insert | New Slide If you choose Design Template the slide should already be styled, to change select Format | Slide Design To choose a slide layout select choose Format | Slide Layout To delete a slide select the slide in the outline area and click delete or choose Edit | Delete Slide

    7. 7 Slide Layout Choose Format | Slide Layout Slide Layouts are available for: Text Content Text and Content Charts, graphs, images

    8. 8 Working With Bullets To change bullet style Choose Format | Bullets/Numbering

    9. 9 Other Text Options Most can be found on the familiar Windows formatting toolbar at the top of screen Or by right clicking on the slide in Normal View Text can also be inserted into graphics and images by selecting Insert | Text Box The Slide Show Menu Can Help You add animation and transitions to your presentationThe Slide Show Menu Can Help You add animation and transitions to your presentation

    10. 10 Resizing and Formatting Text Format text boxes by double-clicking the box outline to bring up the Format AutoShape dialog Don’t forget UNDO, or ctrl-z Graphics can be formatted using Format Picture

    11. 11 How do I Reorder Slides? Slides can be reordered in Slide Sorter View Access this view by making the menu choice View | Slide Sorter You can reorder them in the Outline Portion of Normal View

    12. 12 Inserting Images In PowerPoint-speak images are objects Tables, charts, and graphs also can be inserted as “objects” into a presentation You can insert most graphics formats into a presentation There are a number of ways to do this First you need to find an image: Google Image Search can help

    13. 13 Inserting the Image Select Insert | Picture | From File from the top toolbar Remember that picture you grabbed from google? Find it using this dialog and insert it into your presentation

    14. 14 Drawing with PowerPoint You can add shapes and lines to your presentations Drawing tools are available on the drawing toolbar at the bottom of the screen

    15. 15 Adding Hyperlinks Hyperlinks are simple: Just choose Insert | Hyperlink on the main toolbar and fill in the dialog that opens It is a good idea to fill in the exact URL you wish to link to, i.e. write rather than

    16. 16 Starting the Presentation To start your presentation you need to enter SLIDE Show View Two ways to do this Choose View | Slide Show Click the slide show icon located on the views menu at the bottom Left-Hand corner of the screen

    17. 17 Making Global Changes What happens if you want to change the look of every slide in your presentation, but keep the same content? You can use the Slide Master option To enter the Slide Master choose View | Master | Slide Master There are masters for both the title and content slides

    18. 18 Slide Master Cont. The Slide Master should look something like this:

    19. 19 Slide Master Cont. In Slide Master View you can add headers and footers by selecting View | Header / Footer Any stylistic changes you make or graphics you add to the Slide Master will be reflected in all of the slides in your presentation

    20. 20 PowerPoint to HTML Save your presentation as a webpage, and upload it to your Pegasus account To save as a webpage go to File | Save As Web Page Unfortunately PowerPoint only saves in a format that looks okay in Internet Explorer Upload the folder to your Pegasus account Show Students how to upload files to Pegasus and andromeda for the RUCS labsShow Students how to upload files to Pegasus and andromeda for the RUCS labs

    21. 21 For Future Reference Useful Tutorials Office’s built-in help feature Searchable Available from the HELP menu