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The World of the Greeks PowerPoint Presentation
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The World of the Greeks

The World of the Greeks

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The World of the Greeks

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  1. The World of the Greeks Computers & Social Studies Sasha Quinga and Camila Montenegro 6-1

  2. The Three Styles of Greek Architecture Doric The top of the Doric is plain. The style of the Doric is sturdy. The Doric was used in mainland of Greece. The Doric was also used in the colonies of southern Italy and Sicily. The style of the Ionic is more thinner and elegant. The capital of Ionic was decorated with a scroll-like design. This style of the Ionic was found in eastern of Greece and the islands. Ionic

  3. Corinthian The Corinthian style is used in the Greek world. But often seen on Roman temples. The capital of Corinthian style is very elaborate and is decorated with acanthus leaves.

  4. FASHION In the fifth century, the Greeks got more involved in fashion. They wore himations, peplos, and chitons. Himatations are clothes made from woven wool. Peplos is a piece of woven material about 3 meters wide and the length of the person wearing it. It was extremely firm at the waist and it was lifted up at the shoulder. Peplos usually had designs of checks, wavy lines, stripes, or flowers. The chiton came into fashion after the Persian invasions. They the same as the peplos, but the size was much larger. The colors the Greeks commonly used on clothing were violet, green, and gray.

  5. GREEK FOOD Greek soil was not very fertile, but the Greeks used irrigation and crop rotation to provide food. They also used the Mediterranean Sea to their advantage and started fishing. On the coast the grew olives, grapes and figs. They kept goats for milk and cheese. The soil was more rich on the plains. There they grew wheat to make bread. Fish, seafood, and home-made wine are very popular. Meat was rarely eaten and were mostly used for religious sacrifices.

  6. Daily Life Both men and women enjoy using mirrors and hair brushes. The hair style was curled, arranged in interesting and carefully designed styles. It was held in place with scented waxes and lotions. The women had long hair, in braids, arranged on the top of their head, or also wore as a ponytail. The headbands were made of ribbon or metal. They were very popular at the time. The blond hair was rare. The Greeks admired the blonde look, that many tired to bleach their hair. Greek men cut their hair short unless they were soldiers, wore beards.

  7. Greece is located at the Mediterranean Sea and on the east of Greece you can find the Bakan Peninsula,to the south Europe, and Turkey. To the north of Greece there’s Albania, Bulgaria, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Greece is also surrounded by Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea. Greece’s area is 131,957 sq. km.(50, 880 sq. mi.). Greece has a different type of climate than we do. It’s usually temperate the summer is hot and dry and during it’s mild and wet. Spring is hot and the fall is long and warm. The lowest temperatures recorded are in December and January. Greece enjoys over 250 days of sunshine annually. The natural resources are bauxite, lignite, magnetite, petroleum, and marble. Greece is a country with a lot of mountains and is very stony. Greece is filled with 9,841 islands and has 10 regions. The lowest point is the Mediterranean Sea ( 0 m) and the highest point is Mount Olympus ( 2, 917 m). THE LAND

  8. Gods and Goddesses Zeuswas the king of the Gods and Goddesses. Zeus married Hera. Zeus was also considered the father of the mortals. Zeus’s weapon was a thunderbolt. His bird is the eagle and his tree is the Oak. He had a daughter named Athena and was his favorite. One of Zeus’ great feast was during the Olympic games. Zeus’ brother was Poseidon and he was also the god of sea. Under the ocean, Poseidon had a marvelous golden palace. The other daughter of Zeus was Demeter. She was the goddesses of harvest. Zeus had another son. His name is Ares. He is the god of war.

  9. GREEK FIRE In the seventh and eighth centuries A.D, the Greeks used a secret war weapon for winning wars. This secret war weapon was fire. The Byzantine Greeks used it to defend their capitol, Constantinople, against a series of Moslem attacks. The Moslems then learned about the fire weapons and used it against the Crusaders. Greek fire was a commonly used in firepots thrown at the enemy with a catapult. They would also throw them in a bronze tube called a Siphon and the fiery substance was pumped and shot. They principally used naphtha, sulfur and quick lime to make the fire.