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Unit 8

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Unit 8

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  1. Unit 8 新职业英语 职业综合英语 1 ENGLISH FOR CAREERS Unit 8 Career

  2. Section 1: Career (Ⅰ)

  3. Text A-1 Reading A 翻译 声音 Career Trends According to the U.S. Bureau of LaborStatistics, the three hot career fields in thenext decade are going to be informationtechnology (IT), medical and fitness. Thedemand for workers in each of these fields isexpected to double by 2010.

  4. Text A-2 Reading A 翻译 声音 It is no surprise that one of the fastestgrowing areas of employment in recent yearsrelates to computer technology. Technologicaladvance ensures that this trend will continuefor some time. System analysts, designersand developers, computer programmers,web developers,consultants and informationmanagers reflect the range of these careerareas. Hardware engineers are also needed,working in infrastructure construction andrepair, cable, satellites, etc.

  5. Text A-3 Reading A 翻译 声音 Another guaranteed growth is in themedical field. The increasing number ofhealthcare jobs is directly attributable to theageing of the population and the expansion oftreatments available for medical conditions.Medical assistants and nurses, home healthadvisers, and health information technicianswill be in increased demand. As a result,there will also be an expansion in the numberof administrative and support roles needingto be filled.

  6. Text A-4 Reading A 翻译 声音 The fitness field is also expected toexpand in the next decade as people arebecoming more and more health consciousin the face of mortality. New servicesare developing that are opening out intorecognized career fields. Many of these areprovided directly to the consumers. Fitnessmanagement professionals will continueto enjoy a high market demand, as well asphysical training coaches. All of these requiredegrees in the health field.

  7. Text A-5 Reading A 翻译 声音 The identification of future career trendsis of some help when you are seeking a careerdirection. However, no matter how good theprospects are in an area of employment, yourchoice of career must depend primarily onan assessment of your own skills, abilities,personal qualities and interests. It is alsoimportant to remember that the top requisitesfor success in any field are communicationskills, positive mental attitude, and the abilityto get along with people. Without thesequalities, all the education and training in theworld will not get you very far.

  8. A-Trans-1 < Back Reading A 职业趋势 据美国劳工统计局的统计,今后十年内的三个热门职业领域将分别是信息技术、医疗和健身。到2010年,以上每个职业领域对人才的需求都将会增加一倍。

  9. A-Trans-2 < Back Reading A 近年来人才需求增长速度最快的领域之一是计算机技术,这并不令人吃惊。技术的进步确保这种趋势还会继续一段时期。系统分析师、设计师和开发师、电脑程序员、网络开发人员、信息技术顾问和信息管理人员反映出计算机技术领域职业的范围非常广泛。从事基础设施建设和维护、缆线、卫星等工作的硬件工程师也是需求的对象。

  10. A-Trans-3 < Back Reading A 另一个确定会增长的领域是医疗。医疗保健类工作的增加直接归功于人口老龄化和疾病治疗手段的增多。对医疗助理和护士、家庭健康顾问以及健康信息技术人员的需求将会增加。其结果是,所需要的管理和后勤人员的职位数量也会扩大。

  11. A-Trans-4 < Back Reading A 面对生老病死人们的健康意识越来越强烈,健身领域预计也将会在下一个十年内得到快速发展。现有职业领域中的新型服务也方兴未艾,许多这些服务被直接提供给消费者。健身管理专家和体育教练的职业仍将保持很高的市场需求。所有这些职业都要求具备健康领域的学位。

  12. A-Trans-5 < Back Reading A 在寻找职业方向时,明确未来的职业趋势会有所助益。然而,不管该职业领域的前景有多好,你的职业选择都必须首先建立在对自身技能、能力、个人素质和兴趣的评估之上。同样有一点很重要,那就是在任何领域中获得成功的必要条件都是沟通技能、积极的精神状态和与人相处的能力。没有这些素质,世界上所有的教育和培训都不会帮你走得很远。

  13. decade < Back Reading A n. a period of ten years e.g.That was the first meeting between the twocompanies in more than a decade.

  14. relate to < Back Reading A to be connected with e.g.This relates to something I mentioned earlier.

  15. ensure < Back Reading A v. to make it certain that something willhappen e.g.1. All the necessary steps have been taken to ensure the safety of the children. 2. His wife ensured that he took his pills every day.

  16. guarantee < Back Reading A v. to promise that something will certainly happen or be done e.g.Take this opportunity, and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

  17. attributable to < Back Reading A likely to have been caused bysomething e.g.His death was attributable to gunshot wounds.

  18. in demand < Back Reading A greatly desired e.g.Skilled workers are in great demand in this city.

  19. expand < Back Reading A v. to become larger in size, number or amount, or to make something become larger e.g.The population of the town expanded rapidly in the 1990s.

  20. conscious < Back Reading A a. noticing or realizing something; aware e.g.1. I was very conscious of the fact that I had to make a good impression. 2. Are you conscious how people will regard such behavior?

  21. in the face of < Back Reading A before; in the presence of e.g.What could he do in the face of all these difficulties?

  22. open out < Back Reading A to become wider; to develop e.g.1. The path opens out into a courtyard behind the houses. 2. Business has been opening out recently.

  23. identification < Back Reading A n. the act or process of recognizing something e.g.Correct identification of consumers’ needs is important to the success of business.

  24. primarily < Back Reading A ad. mainly e.g.This research is concerned primarily with prevention of the disease.

  25. assessment < Back Reading A n. a process of making a judgment about a person or situation e.g.1. What’s the CEO’s assessment of the situation? 2. The investigation was reopened after carefulassessment of the new evidence.

  26. positive < Back Reading A a. believing that good things will happen or that a situation will get better; good, useful e.g.1. You’ve got to bemore positive about your work. 2. At least something positive has come out of thesituation.

  27. … all the education and training in the world will not get you very far. < Back Reading A … all the education and training in the world will not help you much. e.g. With housing prices at this high level, $50,000 won’t get you very far.

  28. A-Task 1 < Back Next > Home Reading A Task 1Fill in the table below with appropriate information fromthe passage. system analysts,designers anddevelopers, computerprogrammers, webdevelopers, consultantsand informationmanagers, hardwareengineers technological advance 1) the ageing ofthe population 2) the expansionof treatmentsavailable formedical conditions medical assistants and nurses, home health advisers, health information technicians, administrative and support clerks in this field fitness management professionals, physical training coaches people becomingmore and morehealth conscious

  29. A-Task 2 < Back Next > Home Reading A Task 2Decide which of the following should be taken into consideration in choosing a career or job according to the passage. The choice of career/job depends primarily on: ☐ the location of the job ☐ salary prospects ☐ personal education and training background ☐ employment prospects in the area ☐ personal skills and abilities ☐ personal qualities and interests √ √ √

  30. Section 2: Career (Ⅱ)

  31. 1. Reading B: Job Ads 2. Writing: Resume

  32. Warm-1 Warming-up Task 1 Read the following job advertisement and match the subtitles A-E with their corresponding parts in the ad. D A. Qualifications & skills required B. Job description C. Contact information D. Company introduction E. Position E B A C

  33. Warm-recruitment ad Warming-up What does a recruitment advertisement mainly consist of? A recruitment advertisement mainly consists of five parts. Company Introduction A company will usually start its ad with a brief introduction of itself in order to offer the job seekers a clear idea of the company. It usually includes the company’s history, major business scope and major achievements, etc. Position and Job Description Job description is a summary of responsibilities a vacancy should carry. It is listed in details for the job seekers so that they can understand whether they are capable for the position.

  34. Warm-recruitment ad Warming-up Qualification for Application Qualification for application means the requirements needed for the position, e.g. age, sex, education background, training, work experience, specialties, skills, and personalities. Methods of Application Companies usually state clearly in their ads the methods of application. Special requests would be listed like sending resumes by mail or email, closing date, details on how to reply and to whom.

  35. Warm-2 Warming-up Task 2 Work in pairs. What kind of job do you want to do in your future? Discuss with your partner and give your reasons.

  36. What are Employers Looking for? Business Know-how Desired Skills ●Interpersonal Skills ●Teamwork Skills ●Analytical Skills ●Oral and Written Skills ●Computer Skills ●Leadership Skills ●Work Experience Personal Qualities ●Honesty ●Motivation ●Self-confidence ●Flexibility ●Enthusiasm

  37. Text B-1 Reading B 翻译 McDonald’s Corporate Careers Job Opportunity Title: Administrative Assistant—Part-time Department: Marketing Location: Beijing About McDonald’s: McDonald’s is the largest and best-known global food-service retailer with more than 30,000 restaurants, serving 46 million customers each day in 118 countries. We plan to expand our leadership position through tasty food, superior service, everyday value & convenience. Join our team and find out firsthand why Fortune magazine calls us one of America’s most admired companies.

  38. Text B-2 Reading B 翻译 About the Position: This is a part-time job-sharing position (20 hours per week with benefits). Work time is Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. This position supports three directors and one manager. Main Responsibilities: — Opens, sorts and distributes incoming mails, reports and correspondence — Produces correspondence and reports using appropriate software and tools — Arranges travel reservations and accommodations — May process telephone calls and answer enquiries

  39. Text B-3 Reading B 翻译 Key Requirements: — High School Diploma required, B.A. preferred — Minimum of 3 years of administrative experience — Strong project management skills —Excellent written, verbal and communication skills in English — Strong organizational skills — Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint — Teamwork skills

  40. B-Trans-1 < Back Reading B 麦当劳企业职场 工作机会 职位:行政助理(兼职) 部门:市场部 工作地点:北京 关于麦当劳: 麦当劳是全球最大最知名的食品服务零售商,拥有30,000多家分店,每天在118个国家及地区为4,600万顾客提供服务。我们计划通过提供美味的食物、上乘的服务、每天的超值享受和方便快捷来巩固我们的领导地位。请加入到我们当中来,亲身了解为什么《财富》杂志称我们为美国最受人称赞的公司之一。

  41. B-Trans-2 < Back Reading B 关于本岗位: 本岗位为兼职,任务与他人共同承担(每周工作20小时,有加班补贴)。工作时间为周三下午、周四和周五全天。 本岗位为三位董事和一位经理服务。 主要职责: ——查收、筛选和分发来信、报告和其他函件 ——使用相应的软件和工具制作信函和报告 ——预定行程和安排食宿 ——可能会处理来电及回答咨询

  42. B-Trans-3 < Back Reading B 主要资历要求: ——须有高中毕业证,文学学士证书优先 ——三年以上行政工作经验 ——项目管理能力强 ——英语书面和口头交际能力优异 ——组织能力强 ——熟练使用微软的Word、Excel及PowerPoint 办公软件 ——具备团队协作精神

  43. B-Task 1 Reading B Task 1Decide whether the followingstatements are true (T) or false (F)according to the job ad. ( ) 1. The job opening is offered by the Administrative Department of McDonald’s in Beijing. ( ) 2. McDonald’s serves 46 million customers each day in 118 countries. ( ) 3. The Administrative Assistant works full-time and provides support for three directors and one manager. ( ) 4. The Administrative Assistant may write reports to the directors. ( ) 5. Candidates with a B.A. in English are preferred. F T F F F

  44. B-Task 2-1 Reading B Task 2Work in pairs. List your qualifications to meet the requirements for the position in the ad. Then share it with your partner. Sample

  45. B-Task 2-2 < Back Reading B

  46. W-Task 1-1 Writing Task 1Work in groups and discuss the following questions. 1.Why is a résumé important for a job seeker? A résumé is a summary of one’s qualifications, which describes him/her and shows what he/she can do. It should make a good first impression to a potential employer. The employer will decide whether he/she is qualified or not for their position according to the résumé. Also, the employer will use the résumé to determine whether to bring him/her into the office for an interview. Therefore, a good résumé is important in job-seeking.

  47. W-Task 1-2 Writing 2. How can you make your résumé attractive? 3. What information is usually included in a résumé? Appearance is important, but content is even morecrucial. The information in one’s résumé needs tobe well organized, easy to read and results-oriented.It should address the employer’s needs and show theemployer how he/she will benefit. It should focus onhis/her achievements and career goals… A résumé usually includes one’s personal information, objective, education details, work experience, skills, interest, personality, and so on.

  48. W-Task 2-1 PERSONALITY INTEREST PERSONAL INFORMATION WORK EXPERIENCE EDUCATION OBJECTIVE SKILLS Writing Task 2Read the résumé and put the following headings into the proper position. RÉSUMÉ Name: Lin Xinyi Gender: female Date of birth: 25 March 1986 Marital status: single Address: 99 Aiguo Road, Shenzhen Tel: 130056999 Email: Administrative Assistant PERSONAL INFORMATION OBJECTIVE

  49. W-Task 2-2 Writing EDUCATION 2004-2007 Jiangsu Polytechnic Majoring in Business English Main courses taken: Business English, Practice of International Trade, Human Resources Management, Business Interpretation, E-commerce 07/2007-present Secretary to General Manager, Shenzhen Star Electronics Co., Ltd. Main duties: receiving visitors, arranging meetings and appointments Fluent English, conversational Japanese Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Driving license Outgoing, creative, cooperative, hardworking Tennis, music, traveling, playing basketball, playing the violin WORK EXPERIENCE SKILLS PERSONALITY INTEREST

  50. W-Task 2-2 Writing Practice 1999.9 - 2000.9 Assistant in charge of Activity pension of the Communist Youth League. Tutored several students from Greece and India in English for six months. We still keep in touch. Scholarships and Awards 2000.9-2001.9 Third-class Scholarship Reference Gaoxu Dai, Prof. Li of Computers Dept. of Guangdong Institute Guangzhou Tel: 4561790 Attachment Certification of Scholarship Certification of CET-4