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Johann Gutenberg

Johann Gutenberg

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Johann Gutenberg

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  1. Johann Gutenberg Lauren Gardner 10-23-07 Core 3-5 8th - science

  2. Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg

  3. What He Is Famous For • Johann Gutenberg, (a goldsmith & businessman) was famous for inventing the printing press. A hand press, in which ink was rolled over the raised surfaces of moveable hand-set block letters. It was held within a wooden form and the form was then pressed against a sheet of paper. He invented the printing press in China. It was invented in the year of 1440. The Gutenberg press with its wooden and later metal movable type printing brought down the price of printed materials and made such materials available for the masses.It remained the standard until the 20th century. This invention changed the world of printing.

  4. Johann’s Life Johann Gutenberg was born c1398(died February 3, 1468) in Mainz, Germany. He was the third child of Freile zum Gensfleisch and his second wife, Else Wirick zum Gutenberg. In 1430 he moved to Strasburg. He was already familiar with the process used to make books and other printed matter, so in 1436 he began working on the printing press. In 1444 he returned to Mainz to set up a printing shop. From then on he prints calendar's and bibles.

  5. In the later years the publication of books and newspaper brought an impact on the society. It has been a means of sharing knowledge, self expression and communication. It gave society an access to information. It has also helped people build on many inventions. Today it has affected the world with its publication of newspapers, books and magazines. Ideas were contributed by one person from whom more ideas are generated by few others. The printing press is the only invention that has helped spread information spread far and wide and on a faster basis. How It Impacted Society

  6. A Quote By Johann Religious truth is captive in a small number of little manuscripts which guard the common treasures, instead of expanding them. Let us break the seal which binds these holy things; let us give wings to truth that it may fly with the Word, no longer prepared at vast expense, but multitudes everlastingly by a machine which never wearies to every soul which enters life.

  7. A Fact I Found Interesting In 1437 Gutenberg was sued for "breach of promise of marriage" by a young lady of  Strasburg. I found this fact interesting because from what I read about Johann he seemed to be a good man, and to promise to marry a woman, and broke that promise, I thought was strange.

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