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Amazing words!

Amazing words! . By: Devon Eastlack. Vigorous. Treacherous. gregarious. Amazing words !. Tedious. cantankerous. trepidation. Sympathetic. Vigor. TREACHEROUS. Definition: Nervous or fearful anticipation ; anxiety. TREPIDATION. Definition: Nervous agitation. GREGARIOUS.

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Amazing words!

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  1. Amazing words! By: Devon Eastlack

  2. Vigorous Treacherous gregarious Amazing words! Tedious cantankerous trepidation Sympathetic Vigor

  3. TREACHEROUS Definition: Nervous or fearful anticipation ; anxiety.

  4. TREPIDATION Definition: Nervous agitation

  5. GREGARIOUS Definition: Tending to associate with others of ones kind.

  6. CANTANKEROUS Definition: Natured, quarrelsome

  7. SYMPATHETIC Definition: Showing empathy

  8. TEDIOUS Definition: Tiresome because of length or dullness

  9. VIGOR Definition: Active strength or force

  10. VIGOROUS Definition: Done with vigor: carried out forcefully/ energetically

  11. AMAZING WORDS Thanks You will use these words in your writing, open ended responses, and when your speaking.

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