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Paper chasing

Paper chasing

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Paper chasing

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  1. Paper chasing • Please complete health/vaccines and permission slips right now before we start. • Have you provided… • Passport front page to Mr. Smith? • Contact details in emergency, including if you think you may be away? Cell phone best. • Medical details? • Final payments by 19th September to finance office.

  2. TGS Amazon field trip 2008

  3. Itinerary… • Sunday 29th Sept – get to Auckland Airport by 5:30pm at the latest. Meet outside the Aerolineas Argentinas check in area. Ensure you see your group leader (i.e. Mrs Evans, Mrs. Wynn or Mr. Hodson). • Plane departs at 8:00pm.

  4. Itinerary cont… • Plane arrives at Buenos Aires at 4pm local time on 29th September. • Departs for Rio de Janeiro at 7pm. We will not be leaving the airport. • Arrive Rio de Janeiro 10pm 29th September. Transfer to hotel and sleep.

  5. Itinerary cont… 30th September. • Breakfast provided at hotel • Tour departs at 9 am. Eight hour tour of sites of Rio, lunch provided. • We will fend for ourselves for dinner that evening. You will need Brazilian Real.

  6. Itinerary cont… 1st October. • Depart for airport approx. 8am. • Plane departs for Manaus at 10am. • Arrive Manaus 2pm. • Transfer to lodge will take approx. 1 hour by bus and 2 hours by canoe. • Arrive at lodge approx. 6pm • Settle in, have dinner and listen to jungle.

  7. Itinerary cont… • Divide into 3 or 4 groups and over next four days do a series of organised excursions to see animals and plants or visit locals.

  8. Itinerary cont… 5th October. • After breakfast, we will leave the Malocas jungle lodge with a regional boat, going down the river to a fantastic lake area full of birds and fishes ( even dolphins ...) • Dinner and Night onboard boat in hammocks.

  9. Itinerary cont… 6th October. • After breakfast on boat we join the Amazon River through a little canal heading to the meeting of the waters and the January national Park. • Lunch on a floating restaurant. • Arrival in the Manaus Harbour around 6 pm. • Transfer to the airport at around 1am for 4am flight to Sao Paulo.

  10. Itinerary cont… 7th October. • Arrive Sao Paulo at 8:30am. We will not be leaving the airport. • Depart Sao Paulo at 10am. • Arrive Buenos Aires at 1:30pm. We have a choice.

  11. Itinerary cont… • Buenos Aires: • 10 hours sitting at airport. OR • Bus tour at cost of USD $55 plus departure tax

  12. Itinerary cont… • Depart Buenos Aires for Auckland at 11:55pm 7th October. • Arrive Auckland 5:30am 9th October.

  13. Itinerary cont… • Back from Auckland Airport. • Arrival at 5:30am • Probably finish processing etc. by 6:30am, though it is apparently very quick now. • Bus to TGS or parent pickup.

  14. Calendar of events

  15. Packing… • For Rio you will need; • Casual clothes for one full day. • A day pack, or School bag type bag, for carrying around your gear. • Toiletries • Togs • Towels are provided at the lodge and in the hotel. • Sunscreen and a hat • Camera if you have one

  16. Packing… • For the Jungle you will need • Tennis shoes (sneakers) or decent walking shoes. • Evening clothes to change into (Permethrin treated?). • Comfortable shoes like sandals or crocs (DEET may melt). • 3 x tee shirts and 1 x long sleeve (cotton) shirt . • 1 Long trousers and 2 shorts. • 3 x socks ( long enough to tuck your trousers in to if you want to ). • Sweatshirt in case of cold times. • Torch and batteries (no easily available electricity remember). • Togs. • Light, rain protection ... $2 poncho. • Mosquito net optional. • Mosquito repellent (40% with sunscreen is fine – 80% if worried). • Binoculars if you have them (Kathmandu).

  17. Packing… • For the plane you may need • Warm clothing on plane as it gets cold • Neck cushion • Happy flying ideas. • Knock yourself out and sleep. It is a 13 hour flight. • Ear plugs, i-Pod, Gameboy, book. • It is a Spanish speaking airline so don’t expect English movies.

  18. Vaccination booklet • Ensure it is in with your passport. No booklet, no entry. • Use the plastic slip from Travel Clinic to keep passport and vaccination book together. • Complete your rabies antibody level if you haven’t filled it in yet.

  19. Rules and regulations on trip • You MUST tell your group leader before disappearing somewhere. • No-one is allowed out alone, groups of three minimum. • School rules and expectations apply at all times. • Anyone caught doing anything inappropriate can expect full ramifications. • This is not NZ. There are other risks so use your brain first.

  20. Groups and leaders • Mrs. Evans – Yr 12 Geography • Mrs. Wynn – Yr 12 Biology • Mr. Hodson – Yr 13’s. There are some swaps between these groups.

  21. Room lists – who is sleeping with who. • 1. Bianca Wildish, Sophie Lovell, Kyra Topp • 2. Michael Sherell, Degan Wye • 3. Christie Pope, Emily Draper • 4. Claudia Thompson, Kate McRobie • 5. Laura Burley, Lucy Korn • 6. James Burton, Chris Clubb, Sam Cox, • 7. Tristan Dashwood, Milton Barber • 8. Avalon Hermans, Lauren Cornish, Marija Bonderovic, • 9. Anneke de Bie, Sarah Clough • 10. Jacob Hesketh, Tim Pickerill, Tamati Tupaea • 11. Lucy Colmar-Jones, Ji Yeon Kim, Kyoko Hasumi

  22. Recharging electrical devices. • Brazil has 110-240V depending on area. Check the transformer on your item if it can handle this range. • BIG Memory cards for camera can be bought at duty free before you leave. • Take spare battery, if you have one, just in case. • No easy electricity at the lodge so recharge everything before you leave Rio.

  23. Recharging electrical devices. • Not everyone needs an adapter for their plugs. Brazil uses type A, B, C or I plugs. • Type I is NZ plug. • Type A+B • Type A has no earth pin • Type C

  24. Downtime • There will be downtime in some evenings. You may wish to bring cards or something else to occupy some time. • A notebook and pen would be good for a diary or old school blog.

  25. Money • Brazilian Real is approx. 1:.8 with NZD. • Recommend R50 - 100 or so for souvenirs and dinner in Rio de Janeiro. • Argentinean peso is 2:1 with NZD • Recommend ArgP50 -100 for souvenirs and dinner in Buenos Aires. • Lots of cash can be dangerous. Based on the maximum of these recommendations you could take NZD$150 of foreign currency.

  26. Questions?