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How do we communicate during a disaster PowerPoint Presentation
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How do we communicate during a disaster

How do we communicate during a disaster

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How do we communicate during a disaster

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  1. How do we communicate during a disaster

  2. Which Category does your company fall into? 1 year • Another 40% of companies fail within 5 years of experiencing a disaster • 40% of companies fail within one year of experiencing a disaster 5 Years Your company 20% Companies • Only 20% of companies make it within 5 years of experiencing a disaster • Which category are you going to be in? .

  3. Types of Disasters Pandemic Loss of Power or AC Terrorist Tornado Flood Hurricanes Hurricanes are the easiest disaster to prepare for because you know when they are coming. Some of these other disasters don't give you time to prepare 40% of Hurricanes hit Florida. 83% of Category 4 Hurricanes have hit Florida or Texas Florida is the lightning capital of the world

  4. Florida Power and Light Hurricane Charley Chronology • According to Florida Power and Light • Some Power was not restored for up 14 days No Communication with Suppliers No Communications with customers, patients or guests

  5. What Happens in the Event of a Disaster with your current communications Infrastructure? • Current PBX is powered by electricity in your building. If your power goes out your telephone systems are down • No method for employees, suppliers or customers to call and get updates. • No method of mass notifications • If the equipment is damaged could take up to 30 days to get new equipment • Call Forwarding can forward all the main numbers to one telephone number. Will cause fast busy signals and can be overwhelming. • Solution would be to integrate a Cloud Based PBX into your existing environment • Places your communications in a secure data center

  6. Sample Call Flow with a Cloud Based PBX

  7. Advantages of a Cloud Based PBX • Gives your employees the advantage of working in a Disaster Recovery Site/Home/Hotel • Callers will never get a busy signal and always be able to get through • Part of your Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan to have your employees take their office phones with them • Have a extra set of phones at a DR/BC site • Each extension can be forward to a separate number so one person is not overwhelmed with calls • Easily Route Calls to any cell phone, remote office or at home