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  1. Anime

  2. Anime Pronunciation: 'a-n&-"mA, 'ä-nE-Function: nounEtymology: Japanese, animation, short for animEshiyon, from EnglishDate: 1988: a style of animation originating in Japan that is characterized by stark colorful graphics depicting vibrant characters in action-filled plots often with fantastic or futuristic themes Source: Image .hack//sign

  3. Anime There are two types of Anime: • American • Japanese Image from Noir

  4. American Anime American Anime can be divided into two categories: • Edited Japanese Anime-which is Japanese Anime that has been adapted for American viewing due to the difference in television regulations. • American Designed Anime-which is not true Anime as it includes both American and Japanese style drawings. True Anime contains only Japanese style drawings.

  5. JapaneseAnime Japanese Anime is made for everyone, not just children. There are three types of Japanese Anime: • Shounen • Shoujo • Ecchi/Hentai Source: Image from Excel Saga

  6. Japanese Anime - Shounen Roughly translated “Shounen” means boy. This type of anime has the following elements: martial arts, sword fighting, gun-fighting mecha, transformations of some kind, space battles, advanced technology, and fantasy/occult. Source: Image fromEarth Girl Arjuna

  7. Japanese Anime - Shounen • Some examples are: • Cowboy Bebop • Full Metal Panic • .hack//sign • Image from Vampire Hunter D

  8. Japanese Anime - Shoujo Roughly translated “Shoujo” means girl. This type of anime has the following elements: transformation sequences, love scenes, emotional responses, low violence, and beautiful characters. Image from Inuyasha Source:

  9. Japanese Anime - Shoujo • Some examples are: • Vision of Escaflowne (TV Series) • Cardcaptor Sakura • Spirited Away • Image from Spirited Away

  10. Japanese Anime - Ecchi/Hentai Roughly translated “Hentai” means pervert and “Ecchi“ means indecent. This type of anime has elements of a sexual nature. Image from Please Teacher Source:

  11. Japanese Anime - Ecchi/Hentai • Some examples are: • Anime Fiction • Magical Twilight • Tokio Private Police • Image from Tokio Private Police

  12. Brief History of Anime • The first anime series to début on television in North America was Astro Boy in 1964. Since then some of the major series/movies, which have come to the US are: • Speed Racer (circa 1967) • Star Blazers (1979) • Robotech (1985) • Princess Mononoke (1999) • Spirited Away (2002) • Image 1969 Astroboy

  13. My Background I first became interested in Anime when I saw Digimon: Digital Monsters in the fall of '99. It had a great plot, even though it was considered to be a show for children. My passion did not take flight until I saw a series called Escaflowne. Although it was canceled after airing only 9 episodes on Fox Kids, I was hooked. It took almost a year, but I finally was able to acquire the DVD boxed version, uncut and unedited. That is when I found out what I had been missing.

  14. My Collection • Vision of Escaflowne • .hack//sign • Noir • Animatrix • Spirited Away • Yu-Gi-Oh Image from Animatrix

  15. My Collection (con’t) • Digimon Digital Monsters • Castle in the Sky • Inu Yasha • My Neighbor Totoro • Princess Mononoke • Kiki Delivery Service Image from Castle in the Sky

  16. My Collection

  17. My Favourites – Vision of Escaflowne Escaflowne is about a girl named Hitomi whose dreams of a young man become reality. In this series, she is suddenly transferred to a world where robotic armor meets medieval kingdoms and floating fortresses. There she encounters her young man, named Van Fanel, whose world is ravaged by war with the Zaibach. After Van's city is destroyed, their dreams dashed, they turn to their only hope, a guymelf called Escaflowne. Then they wait for the battle which will decide the fate of Van's world.

  18. My Favourites – Vision of Escaflowne

  19. My Favourites – Vision of Escaflowne

  20. My Favourites – Noir Assassin Mireille Bouquet meets a amnesic young woman. Then she discovers that a mysterious organization is attempting to assassinate this young woman. Mireille also discovers that the young woman’s killing skills are as deadly as her own. Together they create NOIR in order to find and eliminate this organization.

  21. My Favourites – Noir

  22. My Favourites – .hack//sign .hack//sign is the story of Tsukasa, a player in an virtual reality online game, called “The World”. Unable to logout, he meets other gamers, Bear and Mimiru. Together they travel “The World” looking for a way to help Tsukasa logout. But, every step plunges them further into a mystery that could lead to catastrophic results for the future of technology.

  23. My Favourites – .hack//sign

  24. My Favourites – Inu Yasha In this series, Kagome, a modern day high school girl is pulled down a well by a demon who claims she has a sacred jewel. When she emerges from the well, she finds herself in feudal Japan. There she meets a half-demon, half-human boy named Inu Yasha. In order to become a full-fledged demon, he must obtain the jewel. She learns that the jewel is contained within her body. An unexpected event causes the jewel to shatter, and the pieces to scatter throughout feudal Japan. Kagome and Inu Yasha team up to gather the shards to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.

  25. My Favourites– Inu Yasha

  26. My Favourites – Spirited Away Spirited Away tells the story of Chihiro, a ten-year-old girl. Her and her family are transported into a spirit world while moving to a new town. Once there her parents are turned into pigs; to rescue them she is forced to give up her name and work as a slave. Will she have the strength to remember her name and save her parents, before they become bacon?

  27. My Favourites – Spirited Away

  28. My Collection – Yu-Gi-Oh

  29. My Collection – Kiki Delivery Service

  30. My Collection – Castle in the Sky

  31. My Collection – Princess Mononoke

  32. My Collection – My Neighbor Totoro

  33. My Collection – Digimon: Digital Monsters

  34. My Collection – Animatrix

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