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Exporting Your Product or Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Exporting Your Product or Service

Exporting Your Product or Service

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Exporting Your Product or Service

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  1. Exporting Your Product or Service Growing your business by selling to buyers in international markets

  2. Increased salesHigher profitsEconomies of scaleReduced vulnerabilityIncreased knowledgeGlobal & domestic competitiveness Why become an exporter?

  3. Before you decide to pursue international export opportunities, you need to assess your export readiness Are you ready?

  4. Your expectations – do you have: R Clear and achievable export objectives R A realistic idea of what exporting entails and timelines for results R An openness to new ways of doing business R An understanding of what is required to succeed in the international marketplace

  5. HR requirements – do you have: R The capacity to handle the extra demand associated with exporting R Senior management committed to exporting R Efficient ways of responding to customer inquiries R Personnel with culturally-sensitive marketing skills R Means to overcome language barriers

  6. Financial and legal resources – can you: R Obtain enough capital or lines of credit to produce the product or service R Find ways to reduce the financial risks of international trade R Find people to advise you on the legal and tax implications of exporting R Deal effectively with different monetary systems and ensure protection of your intellectual property

  7. Competitiveness – do you have: R A product or service that is potentially viable in your target market R Resources to do market research on the exportability of your product or service An understanding of who your competitors are in targeted markets R R The ability to modify your product or service to meet market demands

  8. Your Customer - Do you know : R R Is it in broad general use or limited to a particular group? R Is it popular with a certain age group? Are there other significant demographic patterns to its use? R R What climatic or geographic factors affect the use of your product or service?

  9. Your product Do you need to modify your product or service to appeal to foreign customers? R R What is its shelf life? Will this be reduced by time in transit? R Is the packaging expensive? Can it be easily modified to satisfy the demands of foreign customers? R Is special documentation required? Does it need to meet any technical or regulatory requirements? R

  10. Your Service R If you are exporting services, what is unique or special about them? Are your services considered to be world-class? Do you need to modify your services to allow for differences in language, culture and business environment? How do you plan to deliver your services: in person, with a local partner or electronically? R R R

  11. Logistics R How easily can your product be transported? Would transportation costs make competitive pricing a problem? Does your product require professional assembly or other technical skills? Is after-sales service needed? If so, is it available locally or do you have to provide it? Do you have the resources to do this? R R R

  12. Support Resources R The Government of Alberta (GOA) can provide you with assistance in exploring international opportunities R Alberta trade experts can assist you by providing valuable information, intelligence and introductions focused on key markets and sectors

  13. Support Resources In addition to Alberta-based trade experts, the Government of Alberta has a network of 13 Alberta International Offices located in key international markets to assist Alberta companies abroad R R Government of Alberta trade experts work closely with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development (DFATD) trade commissioners located in Canadian Embassies and Consulates around the world  

  14. Contact Us To find out more and how the Government of Alberta can assist you in exploring export opportunities, please contact us: Alberta International & Intergovernmental Relations Phone: 780-427-4323 Email: And visit us online at: