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nintendo And The Market

nintendo And The Market

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nintendo And The Market

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  1. The Stock Market Prices of Nintendo From March 2011 - March 2012 Advisory By: Aidan Hughes, Jack Barshaw, Jacob Jaskolski, and Tanner Ostraff nintendo And The Market

  2. What is Nintendo? • Nintendo is a world famous video game company originated in Japan as a playing card company. • Their first video game was originally released in 1977, and was a console for color TV, and could play six versions of paddle and ball games. • Shigeru Miyamoto was a very important person in the rise of Nintendo. He created popular games such as Mario and Zelda, as well as helped in the making of the smash hit Pokémon, which are Nintendo's top selling franchises and have helped to make Nintendo a well-known company worldwide.

  3. Nintendo Stock Market • We’ve recently been studying Nintendo’s stocks in the March 2011 - March 2012 year, but our results were not what we had hoped. Nintendo’s stock price declined an astonishing 44.3%. This was shocking. The release of Nintendo’s new system, the 3DS, had actually caused the stock to drop. This could be an omen for the 2013 release of the Wii U, so it would be best NOT to invest in Nintendo. Even with Nintendo’s small but steady increase in the last months of the year, it would be wise to wait it out before you consider buying a share.

  4. Stock prices Mar 11-12

  5. Stock price Mar 11-12 • As shown in the graph above, Nintendo started well at the beginning of the year, but constantly decreased, with a few increases throughout the year. • If you were to invest in the middle of 2011, you would lose a lot of money and be forced to sell your share before the increase started at the start of 2012. If this trend were to occur in the future, it would not be wise to invest in Nintendo at all.

  6. The Future Of Nintendo With the release of 3DS, Nintendo bombed their stock. Even though the stock price is increased, with the release of the Wii U in the future, the trend may occur again, making the stock a death trap for greedy investors. That is why we suggest you stay away from Nintendo, no matter how high the prices get. It is too risky, and not worth throwing your money in. In the past years, the price skyrocketed, but like any other stock, it didn’t stay there long. Be careful to invest when the prices are at a high, because the price may stay there, but it might not. But if you have to invest in Nintendo, try a short-term investment. That way when the prices hit the peak, you can sell it quickly before the price lowers again, and dodge a real bullet. A Bullet Bill, that is.

  7. C I T T I O N S We couldn’t have done this without a little help, so the list is here: