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Part 1

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  1. The War between the states Game Part 1

  2. Fed up with the North, South Carolina seceded from the Union on Dec. 20, 1860. • Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas succeeded. • __________ states succeeded before Lincoln was inaugurated. Later, Dude!! 7

  3. Feb. 18, 1861-Jefferson Davis is elected the first president of the CSA • Vice President- Alexander Stephens • First Capital in Montgomery, AL

  4. March 4, 1861-Lincoln is elected as the 16th President • Hannibal Hamlin is the Vice-President • Washington D.C.

  5. Your first test as a soldier, nurse, or grunt is Basic Training.

  6. 1. Which of these people worked to end slavery before and during the Civil War? • A. Andrew Jackson • B. Fredrick Douglass • C. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant • D. Chief Roger B. Taney

  7. I ruled in the Dred Scot Case. I said slaves were property and had no rights. 2. • Who is described in the box above: • A. Dred Scot • B. Abraham Lincoln • C. Roger Taney • D. Fredrick Douglass

  8. 3. How many more people lived in the north than the south?

  9. 4. What problem could this cause for the South during the Civil War?

  10. Lincoln’s 3 Choices • 1. “Let the states go” • 2. “Give in on the slavery question.” • 3. Still others said, “Use the ARMY to end their revolt!” Give In FIGHT Ignore

  11. South Carolina is not in the USA anymore, so the fort is ours. Get out or else!!! A fort is federal property…therefore, it is ours NO!!

  12. Fort Sumter, SC-Dec. 26, 1860-April 12, 1861 • Federal or USA Fort-Built during the War of 1812 • On Confederate Land • Who does it belong to? • SC thought it was theirs • Occupied by Union or Federal Soldiers • SC Government asked Union soldiers to abandon, but they refused.

  13. Lincoln’s Choices I cannot just let them go, but I don’t want to fight them. • THE VERY NEXT DAY An important message came from Major Robert Anderson commander at Fort Sumter.

  14. Urgent! • Message from Commander Anderson Supplies at the Fort are almost gone. If new supplies are not sent soon, we will be forced to surrender the fort to the Confederacy.

  15. A No End Situation • If I send supplies…Southerners might attack. • If I send troops….Southerners WILL attack. • If I do nothing…the commander will have to surrender. ? ? ?

  16. Decision • Lincoln decided to send supply ships • And see what the Southerners would do

  17. Pres. Davis’s Response?? We need to take over the fort BEFORE the supplies get there. We will ask them to surrender first, though. • The North’s response… NEVER

  18. Pres. Davis’s Response?? Alright then, you asked for it!!! • The South fired on Fort Sumter causing the North to surrender because they didn’t have enough ammo.

  19. Bombardment of Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor April 12 and 13, 1861

  20. Fort Sumter, S.C., April 4, 1861, under the Confederate flag.

  21. Teach your neighbors the events of Fort Sumter. Who? What? When? Where? How?

  22. The Civil War has Begun! • Lincoln called for 75,000 Americans to join the army to stop the rebellion. Tennessee knew they had to pick a side. • Frightened southern states not in the Confederacy now_________________________ with the other 7 states. • Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina , and Tennessee • 11 States Strong joined

  23. Lincoln: We need 75,000 Troops That’s It!!!!

  24. Tennessee State Convention 1861 • 1st Vote before Ft. Sumter-AgainstSecession • The General Assembly met on June 6th, 1861 to vote on whether or not to secede. • 105,000 to 47,000 • West and Middle-For TN=Secede • East TN=Against

  25. Pro-Confederate Pro Union 96% Memphis-7000 (for secession ) and 4 (against secession) 5 East TN counties unanimously voted against secession West-Mostly For Middle-Half and Half East-Mostly Against

  26. Andrew Johnson • US House of Representative (1843-1853) • TN Governor (1853-1857) • US Senator (1857-1862) • Military Governor (1862-1865) • Vice-President-(1865)-Why? • 17th President-(1865-1867)

  27. I am strongly against secession. I think it is treasonous to do so.

  28. Jefferson Davis should be hanged!!!

  29. The Free and Independent State of Scott • After Tennessee’s secession from the Union, Scott County, TN tried to secede from Tennessee. • Tried to form their own state during the Civil War. Good Job!

  30. Hurst Nation • West Tennessee Family • West TN was Pro-_________ • This family and friends were Pro-Union • Gathered a Union Cavalry known as Hurst Nation. Confederate Jackson Memphis

  31. Just in….Andy O’Connor and Andrew Thomas receive a letter from home.

  32. June 7th, 1861 Oneida, TN Scott County, TN  Dear Cousin Andy,   I hope thiz letter finds you good. I know you done decided to move up par to Kentucky to fight with the Union just in case there is a war once you done heard South Carolina seceded. I just wanted to give you news of what is happenin with your kin folk. I know you and Couz Erin hate to see the nation plum cut in two. Most of yer East Tennessee brothers feel the way you do. I shore do hate to be the one to inform you, but Tennessee done decided today to secede the Union and join the Confederacy. It is a sad day for us here in Oneida. Our own US Senator from Tennessee, Andrew Johnson is opposed to secession, but no one listened to him. He said that Tennesseans are committin treason!!! After Tennessee was the last state to secede, Scott County even said they wanted to break away from Tennessee and form their own state!!! I can’t believe it has come to this. I am not sure what I will do fight for my home state or go with my feller citizens of the county. I will tell you what I decide later. I will make sure Erin and your younguns are all save and sound. Maybe there will not be a war. If there is, hopefully it will be a quick war. Your dearest cousin, Jim

  33. June 7th, 1861 Manchester, TN  Dear Ange, Yippee, Tennessee done gone and left the Union yesterde. I am plum proud of my feller statesmen. I wished I were old enuff to join up but I am not near old enuf. I am jealous of you big bro. you get to be makin history wile im just stuck here tendin the pigs. Christine is just wailin all day becuz her betrothed Gil done gone and signed up fir the confederacy. She is so upset that her beloved mite git hurt that she is just beside herself. Women?? Now that the csa has elevem states we will whip those blue bellies from here to kingdom come. One southern boy can whip ten Yanks. Christine don’t got nothin to worry bout. Tennesse had the right to leave the union. Mom read the paper and it said that wezleavincuz of slaves. Aint that a bunch of hogwash. We aint never had no slaves. Wezfightin for southern honor. Aint no yank gonna tell us how to live or how to vote. After ole ape Lincoln got in office I knew we were in for a fight. Then when those yellow bellied yanks wouldn’t leave fort sumter I new that it was only a matter of time. I wish I could be long side of you. I know that betwitk us we would win the war in days. Hope to see you soon, Michael

  34. Brother Against Brother • Involved Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware, and Maryland • One family member would fight for the Union and one for the Confederacy

  35. Stand up if you have a family or friend fighting for the opposite side.

  36. Tell Your neighbor Where most battles Were???

  37. Capitals Richmond • The Capital of the Confederacy was _________________VA. • The Capital of the Union was_________________ • Virginia had the most battles in it because both of these capitals were near area. (100 miles apart) Washington D.C.

  38. Most of the war was fought in the South. Tennessee had the 2nd most battles in it? Why? Confederate Confederate Union or Federals

  39. Teach your neighbor why so many battles took place near rivers and near Virginia?

  40. Important Players in The Civil War By: Christy Shannon Moore 1861-1865 The War of Northern Aggression War Between the States Brother Against Brother The War of Rebellion

  41. The Civil War Has More American Causalities Than All Other Wars Combined. Why?

  42. The Leaders of the Confederacy Pres. Jefferson Davis VP Alexander Stevens

  43. The Confederate “White House” Executive Mansion

  44. The Confederate Seal MOTTO  “With God As Our Vindicator”

  45. A Northern View of Jeff Davis