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My Career as a Firefighter PowerPoint Presentation
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My Career as a Firefighter

My Career as a Firefighter

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My Career as a Firefighter

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  1. My Career as a Firefighter Mr. Lewis Periods 1-3 and 5-6 September 25, 2002

  2. Why I Chose to Investigate Being a Firefighter • I have always wanted to help people. If I become a firefighter, I would save lives and protect property. • A career is a life long job that one excepts. It is unlike a passing job, a job that one does for either a short period of time or to move up in a company.

  3. Education – Becoming a Firefighter • One has to pass a firefighter exam to become a firefighter. The individual must also be in good physical shape. In addition, if he or she plans upward mobility in the department, other exams must be passed. Additional schooling in English, fire science, management, and the like are a must too.

  4. The Availability of Becoming a Firefighter • According to Kenny Walters, a firefighter of over 20 years, fire fighting is a very competitive career to pursue. Many individuals are in line to take positions for both the County and City. Nonetheless, I am in good health and am willing to study for the exam. My chances are as good as anyone else’s.

  5. Duties of a Firefighter • Firefighters must be prepared to do the following duties and more: • Put out fires, chemical, wood, plastics, . . . • Save lives with CPR, bandages, removal from burning structures, . . . • Usually arrive first at the sceneof an accident, a fire, a shooting, . . . • Protect others by putting their lives on the line, such as the firefighters did in New York.

  6. Remarks from a Firefighter • According to Kenny Walters, from the Kern County Fire Department, fire fighting is a demanding job the tests a person’s ability to cope with stress on a daily basis. He said that he has had to perform CPR on many individuals, some of which were beyond resuscitation.

  7. Firefighter Salaries • The following are firefighter salaries: • Starting: $2,705 per month • 20 years: $4,356 per month • The salaries are greater for those who chose upward mobility in the department.

  8. Would I Still Pick This Career? • Currently, I am happy being a husband, school teacher, soccer coach and referee, musician, and general good guy. Thus, I am not inclined to pursue another career, especially at my young age of 42. Nevertheless, I am glad that I investigated firefighter resources. I have always looked up to those who have so bravely put their lives on the line.