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L-6 Spending Time &Money Wisely PowerPoint Presentation
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L-6 Spending Time &Money Wisely

L-6 Spending Time &Money Wisely

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L-6 Spending Time &Money Wisely

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  1. L-6 Spending Time &Money Wisely

  2. Objectives1.Why you need to follow a time management plan2.How money management affects your quality of life3.How to make choices that help you manage money responsibility

  3. Managing your time

  4. Managing Your Time The most important element of time management is planning. You might plan a day or even a week of your time. Steps to be followed are 1.Identify your priorities, those activities that matter the most to you. 2.Review your list. Eliminate time wasting activities. 3.Order the items on your list in terms of your priorities.

  5. 4.Assign each activity a realistic period of time.5.Review your plan occasionally.By sticking to it you will reap many benefits.

  6. Benefits of managing time.Your health improves when you follow a time management plan.Your stress decreases and enjoyment increases.You feel relaxed, which enables you to enjoy the company of others.You are able to sleep at night without worrying about what the next day will bring.

  7. Getting enough sleep and participating in healthful activities will contribute to your overall physical health.You will be better able to cope with challenges.

  8. Managing your money

  9. Managing Your MoneyBenefits of spending wisely Budget: It is a written plan for saving and spending money. Steps to be followed • Make a list of the sources of income • List the amount of money you spend and items or services that you purchase • Compare your expenses to your income..

  10. A budget helps you determine spending priorities, avoid wasting money and stay within your income. Short term advantages. 1.You have more money to spend on enjoyable and healthful activities and products. 2.Your stress level will decrease. 3.Without drain of money worries,you have more energy

  11. Long-term effects 1.You can adapt income and expenses change. 2.In addition,developing the habit of saving or investing at a young age lead to benefits later in life,when you need money for major purchases.

  12. Using Money wisely1. Balanced budget is a paln in which your income is equal to or greater than your expenses.2.If your income is greater than expenses ,you have money for savings.

  13. Credit cards

  14. Credit cards and Debt Creditcard-is a card issued by bank or other business that agrees to pay for the cardholders expenses and let him or her pay the money back later Interestis the money that is paid for the use of borrowed or deposited money. Debt-is owing money to someone.

  15. Entertainment and Shopping Addictions

  16. Entertainment and Shopping Addictions • Some teens spend a lot of time and money on entertainment and shopping. This may seem like normal behavior ,but when taken to extremes ,it may be a sign of a serious health problems

  17. Entertainment Addiction • Entertainment addiction is a craving for constant amusement that interferes with emotional ,social ,and physical health. • Teen with entertainment addiction might spend most of their time watching television ,going to the movies ,listening to music or playing video and computer games.

  18. Risk –Watching Television • Reduces the type of brain activity needed to solve problems • It also gives unrealistic view of the world • Other shows may desensitize teen viewers to violence • Desensitization means reacting less and less to something you are exposed to.

  19. Teen exposed to violent program may begin to see violence as a way of life • Being addicted to the computer can also be problem for teens. some use online services to deal with loneliness ,depression and anxiety

  20. Shopping addiction • Shopping addiction is the uncontrollable urge to shop and buy things.Teens with shopping addiction buy on impulse again and again.They shop even if they don’t need anything.

  21. Teens with shopping addiction get a “high” from shopping that might relieve their feelings of boredom ,loneliness ,or anxiety. They feel better for a little while ,but the uncomfortable feelings come back. This addiction is temporary from emotional pain.

  22. Bring shopping addiction under control • To practice making a list and buying only the things on that list. • Those addicted to shopping should should also avoid places and things that make it easy to buy ,such as discount warehouses ,catalogs ,and television shopping channels. • Teens with addiction should talk to the counselor about their feelings of boredom.

  23. Teens can try new sport activities.