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eAYSO for Player and Volunteer Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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eAYSO for Player and Volunteer Registration

eAYSO for Player and Volunteer Registration

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eAYSO for Player and Volunteer Registration

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Presentation Transcript

  1. eAYSO forPlayer and Volunteer Registration National eAYSO Commission 2014 AYSO Expo

  2. What We Will Learn • Definition of Program and Membership Year • Player Registration; three ways to accomplish this (e-Sign = Best) • Volunteer Registration • Volunteer Custom Position creation • Assign Volunteer Positions • Merge Player or Volunteer records • Work with Reports: Defined Reports and Export Reports

  3. Region: Setup: Membership

  4. Definition: Membership Year A Membership year is an AYSO term that covers a 12 month period starting from August 1st to July 31st. Regions register players just one time in eAYSO in a Membership year and are charged a national fee for the player.

  5. Region’s Membership Year

  6. Set ‘Personal View’ Membership YearPreference Each Volunteer with access rights needs to do just once each year.

  7. Creating or Activating Programs

  8. Definition: Program Year Program is a defined competition (set of games) within the Membership Year. All AYSO Regions conduct a Standard Primary Program. A Standard Primary Program is the Region’s first set of scheduled games each Membership Year for which open registration is held, balanced teams are formed and ALL registrants participate. Some Regions have additional Primary Programs such as , VIP, Spring Primary, EXTRA or other NBOD-approved pilots. Many have Secondary Programs such as Select and Tournament ,indoor winter clinics etc. Players can participate in multiple programs (and thus appear on multiple teams) in a single Membership Year. They can be assigned automatically or assigned manually to the other Primary or to Secondary Programs. eAYSO can manage both Primary and Secondary programs a region may conduct.

  9. Program Year

  10. Program Year con’t.


  12. Applications I) Parent creates account in eAYSOCompletes application or has access to eAYSO to update data and use other features. Must have an eAYSO account (i.e. Logon & Password) to apply using eAYSO. Application is printed, “wet signature” and turned into the region’s registrar. orParents use e-Signature =sign application digitally Becoming MANDATORY method (Same as above, but with an e- Signature)2) Preprinted form obtained from National office.Parent cannot access player record or other tools in eAYSO. Region required to keep paper copy for many, many years. Add’l cost.3) Blank paper form- Same issues as in #2 above and extra work for registrar, error prone.

  13. Concussion Information Sheet part of Player Application A benefit when parents use eAYSO /eSign to file player forms: parents sign form electronically. This form is stored electronically.

  14. Registrar’s Work Area

  15. Filter Options for Player Registration

  16. Volunteer Registration CVPA Work Area Filter Options Volunteer Status Filter Options

  17. Filter Options for Volunteer Registration

  18. Accepting Application- Player Check box and click “submit”

  19. Registering a Volunteer Applicant: Electronic Application Check box and click “submit”

  20. Updating Registrant Information Click on volunteer’s name to open record and update information

  21. eAYSO and Pre Printed Forms Check box and click “submit Note :Volunteer Pre Printed requires TWO steps to register: 1) Select in ‘Previous Volunteer’ view. 2) Then Volunteer becomes an APPLICANT for Current MY and then may be accepted/Registered.

  22. Volunteer or Player Registration Pre Printed forms- corrections Update/Fill-in volunteer information.

  23. Add New Player or Volunteer- Paper Form

  24. Step through the Blank Screens

  25. Manual Completion all Fields = Lots of Work

  26. Volunteer Registration – Blank Form Fill-in volunteer information provided on their form

  27. Volunteer Registration (contd.) Confirms Volunteer is now registered.

  28. Two Special Tasks • Assign Positions or Create Custom Positions ...CVPA • Merge....REGISTRAR & CVPA

  29. Managing Volunteer Positions Click Region- Volunteer-Manage Positions

  30. Managing Volunteer Positions Assign up to 3 Jobs to a Volunteer from ‘Dropdown’ Or ‘Unselect’ Jobs from Volunteer

  31. Creating Custom Positions Click Region- Set Up-Custom Positions

  32. Creating Custom Positions, cont. Fill in Name of Custom Position

  33. Merge Volunteers Group 1 v4

  34. Merge Volunteers Note: Certifications will automatically be merged, but be careful when merging to retain the eAYSO ID# and User Profile to which Access Rights assigned

  35. Players can be Merged too Note: Usually Player records get merged to maintain Ratings information so be careful to retain the most current User Profile.

  36. REPORTSOverview

  37. Reports

  38. Player Report

  39. Player Export Report

  40. Player Export Report Group 1 v4 Note options

  41. Running (Player )Export Report Group 1 v4

  42. Saving a Report Template Group 1 v4

  43. SAVE and Name Report Templates

  44. Volunteer Report Click Reports- Volunteer

  45. Volunteer Report (cont)

  46. Volunteer Export Report Click Reports- Volunteer Export

  47. Volunteer Export Report (cont) Click “Save & Export”. Name your report & click “Save”

  48. Volunteer Applicant Export Report Click Report- Vol Applicant Export

  49. Volunteer Applicant Export Report Fields specific to this report Report-CVPA has Additional fields

  50. Only with Electronic ApplicationPlayer applications Remind Parents to indicate how they can help....but this is not their Volunteer Application