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Jet Business Solutions Aviation Experts PowerPoint Presentation
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Jet Business Solutions Aviation Experts

Jet Business Solutions Aviation Experts

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Jet Business Solutions Aviation Experts

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  1. FUEL JBS provide clients with strategic fuel buying information by analyzing a series of sectors for availability and pre-brief the cheapest supplier in each location. You benefit from the price advantages gained through economies of scale in high-volume fuel procurement and you can depend on quick responses to queries about fuel availability and prices worldwide. GROUND HANDLING

  2. Ground handling may be a generic term used often but JBS takes the extra step in making all the ground handling arrangements necessary to see to all the needs and challenges pertinent to every location. Our strategy of employing only indigenous staff to attend to our flights provides us with the awareness advantage of what to expect in every location and the precautionary measures that need to be taken i... FLIGHT PLANNING Flight planning is a preliminary step that needs to be taken before initiating any flight. Depending on the purpose of the flight, type of aircraft, and payload to be transported, JBS ensures the optimal routings with the best locations for fuel stops making your operation as safe and efficient as possible. Considering all the factors involved, the adequacy of each airport is carefully analyzed to ...

  3. PERMITS Obtaining overfly and landing permits plays a vital role in the success of any flight operation. The most restricting factor is often the ability of obtaining permits on short notice as many times private business jets are faced with the constraints of time. Our close contacts and long term relationships with the Civil Aviation Authorities and authorized agencies around the world has allowed us to ...