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  2. Jet Engine Solutions At Jet Engine Solutions (JES), aircraft engines are what we are all about. Established in January of 2009, JES was founded upon key services and business principles that the aircraft engine industry has been in dire need of. The mission is to provide cost effective, tailored , turn-key solutions to engine leasing companies, engine suppliers, finance companies, and operators who utilize lease assets around the globe. We cover all aspects including complete engine consulting, on site representation, fleet and records management, FAA/EASA part 145 repair station services and engine storage. The mission is well under way but far from over. As the industry evolves, we too will evolve. We are consistently striving for improvement while continuing to provide cost effective solutions catered to the engine leasing, finance and trading sectors of the aviation industry. Rest assured, when it comes to your engine assets, you have found one stop, trust worthy resource with more than 50+ years of commercial aviation experience. As you browse through this presentation, we are confident you will find our services and flexibility second to none. If you have specific needs or need a program tailored to your operation, please contact us. Sincerely, Jamil Diwan Jamil “JD” Diwan Managing Director

  3. ENGINE CONSULTING Jet Engine Solutions provides a wide array of engine consulting services. Services include but not limited to: • Complete lease return support • Managed lease returns/inductions • Fleet management • Onsite representation/customer liaison • Engine inspections • Complete records reviews and records pack creation • Workscope creation and review • Engine shop visit management • Contract review • Part rectification, procurement, exchange and repair RECORDS MANAGEMENT/PRE BUY INSPECTIONS Jet Engine Solutions offers turn-key records management and pre buy inspections. The quality and accuracy of records is among the most important aspect when dispositioning engines and aircraft assets. JES records acquisition and review processes undergo diligent review and quality control practices to ensure its right the first time. With these types of workscopes, JES consultants and repair station personnel work in parallel to ensure an efficient quick turn of your assets. JES consultants will not only be your onsite representatives but will also collect records, review records and work to resolve any discrepancies. While the JES consultants are working the records side, JES technicians will manage the maintenance portion including: • Pre-run inspections including BSI • Perform/witness MPA runs and other engine tests as required • Long term engine preservation • Post test BSI • Engine component removal as required including full QEC • Engine storage • Engine disassembly management • Asset remarketing assistance/engine brokering.

  4. FAA/EASA PART 145 REPAIR STATION The JES repair station and engine storage facility is conveniently located 10 miles north of the Dallas Ft. Worth International airport and encompasses over 30,000 square feet. JES’s proximity to DFW International airport also makes it easy for international logistics support The repair station is both FAA and EASA certificated allowing for the issuance of Dual release 8130-3’s as required. Repair station services include: • Engine maintenance • Lease returns/lease inductions • Long term engine preservation • Engine inspections including BSI • AD/SB Compliance • Engine “C” Checks • QEC installation, removal and swap • Power conversions • LRU and external engine component R&R • Indoor engine storage • Engine stand inspections, preventative maintenance and repair • Ad-hoc/tailored workscopes on demand JET ENGINE SOLUTIONS REPAIR STATION RATINGS LIMITED AIRFRAME LIMITED POWERPLANT • CFM56-3/5/7 • CF34 all series • CF6 all series • GE90 all series • GEnx all series • V2500 all series • P&W2000/4000 all series • P&W100 and PT6 (coming soon) • RR RB211 all series • RR AE3007 All series • B737,747,757,767,777 • RJ200, CRJ700/900 • ERJ140,146,170,175,190,195 • A318, 319, 320,321 • A300, 310,330,340 LIMITED ACCESSORY • Honeywell APU’s

  5. ENGINE LEASE RETURN CENTER The engine lease return center compliments both the consulting and the repair station sides of JES to bring a complete turn-key lease engine solution. JES is the preferred housekeeper for some of the worlds largest engine leasing companies as well as finance companies and engine traders. JES is intimately familiar with the requirements and processes involving both lease returns and lease inductions. With proven leadership, proper technical knowledge and certifications, JES is able to provide services that make lease returns and inductions fast, efficient and turn-key. JES services can be provided onsite or at the JES Engine Lease Return Center. From the time the operator advises the engine is to be removed, JES steps into action. Utilizing the expertise of JES consultants and technicians, a complete records review is performed. From there, JES will monitor or perform MPA runs, pre and post test BSI, engine preservation, begin creating the engine records packs and end of lease documentation. Once the engine is removed (via operator or JES), JES will perform the required maintenance to comply wit the lease return conditions outlined in the applicable lease contract. These items usually include engine visual inspections, digital photographs, accessory and QEC inventories, engine “C” check and any other tasks required. Once complete, the engine can be stored ready for the next operator. Post lease requirements can be met utilizing JES as well including configuration changes, power conversions, etc. TYPICAL LEASE RETURN SERVICES • Complete records collection, review and discrepancy rectification • Workscope creation • Contract review • MPA runs (JES issued dual release 8130-3) • Engine visual inspections • Inventory and detailed photographs • End of lease documentation • Long term preservation • Engine “C” checks • BSI inspection (pre and post test) • Part re-certification, replacement, exchange and procurement • Engine configuration changes • Operator owned part removal • Final engine records pack and mini packs • Engine storage

  6. ENGINE STORAGE Are you looking for safe and secure indoor storage facility for your assets that is in an area easily accessible for global logistics? JES has your solution! Located 10 miles north of Dallas Ft. Worth International airport, JES has over 30,000 square feet (2,787 square meters) of storage space. Some of the key benefits of using JES to store your aviation assets include: • Indoor storage. • Cost effective • The facility carries FAA/EASA Part 145 certification . • The facility has all the support equipment needed for engine unloading, loading and preservation monitoring. • JES carries $100,000,000.00 (one hundred million) in insurance • 24/7 AOG support Upon engine arrival to the JES facility, the engine(s) will undergo a general visual inspection for proper shipping, any obvious signs of shipping damage to the engine and stand and have detailed pictures taken. Engine preservation will also be monitored while in storage at JES. All engines are available for dispatch within 4 hours of receiving the dispatch request. AOG shipments are also available. ADDITIONAL STORAGE SERVICES • Engine long term preservation (engine motoring or INOP method as applicable) • Detailed visual inspections (with engine cover removed) • Engine stand detailed inspections, preventative MX, and repair • Engine external component removal (prep for tear down. Includes inventory) • AOG Engine dispatch 24/7 365 days per year. ($500 AOG fee) • RTS (Return to service) engine support • Engine retirement support program • Logistics support


  8. EXAMPLE 1. AVG TAT 5 DAYS JES has saved this customer over $61,000 per engine for lease returns! Operator is required to return engines in serviceable condition. The manager of the power by the hour contract is responsible for all lease engines. The leasing company requires the engines have a dual release 8130 with the engines in order to turn the lease off. The operator has no capability to issue an 8130. The manager of the contract must run the engines across test cell even though the operator is performing an MPA run. JES worked with the leasing company, operator and the manager of the contract to perform MPA runs and lease returns. Since, the first engine was returned, JES has saved $30,000.00 in a test cell run, the average wait time for a test cell slot is 4-5 days so this equaled another $12-15,000.00 in lease fees before the engine was even inducted. We estimate that we have saved over $61,000.00 in additional cost per engine! NOTE- this assumes there are no issues with the engine.

  9. EXAMPLE 2. TAT 12 HOURS (AOG) JES saved an estimated $167,500 in AOG down time- Customer provided savings data A CF34-10 was being delivered to JES for engine lease return. While the engine was in transit to JES, an operator went AOG and the only engine available was this engine. JES performed the lease return including detailed inspection, accessory/QEC inventory, BSI, C-Check and rating conversion in a 12 hour period. The engine arrived on a Friday night at 7pm and was released to service by 6am the next morning.

  10. EXAMPLE 3. TAT 31 days JES saved operator over $100,000 in additional lease fees. As you can see, there was a lot of parts that needed to be replaced, inspected, repaired, etc. JES received a CFM56-3 from an operator who used the engine as a parts source after we went on site and inspected it. Within 2 days of the engine arrival to JES, the operator and leassor had a list of all findings. Based on this it was noted that over $79,000 in in parts had been robbed, changed and or otherwise unserviceable. JES was able to seamlessly procure, exchange and repair all the parts putting the engine back to a serviceable marketable condition including the lease return. TAT for this return was 31 days due to vendors. Based on the difficulties the operator has had in the past and what issues they where running into on this engine, we estimate that we saved the operator over $100,000.00 in lease fees as it would have taken them 90+ days to get returned. All the operator owned parts that where left on the engine where removed and routed back to the operator.

  11. EXAMPLE 4. TAT 7 days Most MRO’s and Operators who take on lease returns do so to meet contractual obligations and/or for larger future workscopes (Major engine repair, OH, etc.). Engine lease management typically takes a lot of time and does not generate much money when it comes to lease return work scopes. This is where JES comes in. Due to our size, flexibility, and low overhead, we are able to operate without restriction and at very low rates. Typically, most operators will average 20+ days trying to return lease engines. Most MRO’s will spend 10-25+ days returning an engine dependent upon condition of the engine as well as workload in the MRO. JES saved operator $45,500 USD • Example 1- JES received a CFM56-7 for lease return. The operator was able to perform an MPA run vs. a test cell run. The engine had minor issues including a J8 harness that needed to be replaced. Including all parts needed, the lease was turned off in 7 days and the owner was able to immediately re-market the engine. • In this example we saved the operator $30,000.00 in test cell fees and over $40,000.00 in lease fees had they tried to perform this themselves. The engine was then converted and staged at JES for the next operator.

  12. CONTACT JET ENGINE SOLUTIONS Brian Biersdorfer Managing Director/Director of Maintenance Operations Office: +1 972-707-1631 Mobile: +1 214-837-8922 E-Mail – Jamil “JD” Diwan Exec. VP Sales&Marketing/Business Development Office: +1-972-707-1632 Mobile: +1 214-837-9075 E-Mail – Shane Stringfellow Exec. VP Tech Services Office: +1 972-707-1633 Mobile: +1 214-837-8878 E-Mail – Jon Heinemann Tech Services Manager Office: +1 972-707-1651 Mobile: +1 954-557-5814 E-Mail – Brian Bricken Quality Manager Office: +1 972-707-1634 Mobile: +1 918-706-9330 E-Mail – Dave Melone Jr. Tech Services Office: +1 972-707-1653 Mobile: +1 918-630-6710 E-Mail – Barry Mckemy Tech Services Office: +1 972-707-1654 Mobile: +1 469-628-8982