invastion privacy laws n.
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Invastion privacy laws

Invastion privacy laws

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Invastion privacy laws

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  1. Invastion privacy laws By brittanybrannon &Kiamber Farley

  2. Celia who was raped nineteen-year-old Celia, a slave on a Missouri farm, five years of being repeatedly raped by her middle-aged owner was enough.

  3. When did it happen • On the night of June 23, 1855, she would later tell a reporter, "the Devil got into me" and Celia fatally clubbed her master as he approached her in her cabin.

  4. Murder trial • The murder trial of the slave Celia, coming at a time when the controversy over the issue of slavery reached new heights, raised fundamental questions about the rights of slaves to fight back against the worst of slavery's abuses....

  5. How did it happen • Jefferson had asked her whether she thought she would hang for what she had done. She said she thought she would hang. Jefferson told her to tell the whole truth. She said the old man (Newsom, the deceased) had been having sexual intercourse with her. That he had told her he was coming down to her cabin that night. She told him not to come, that if he came she would hurt him. And then got a stick and put it in the corner. He came down that night.  There was very little fire in the kitchen cabin. When she heard him coming, she fixed the fire to make it a little light. She said his face was low over her, and he was talking to her when she struck him. He did not raise his hand when she went to strike the first blow, but sunk down on a stool towards the floor.

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