beans for the british n.
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Beans for the British

Beans for the British

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Beans for the British

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  1. Beans for the British russell davies: A picture of some beans. Good start. And you’re opening chart is already pointing me somewhere, you’re kind of setting expectations, that’s good. Be wary of your font - is it comic sans? A lot of people really hate comic sans and I think those handwritingy fonts can undermine your credibility. It may sound picky, but hey, it’s important.

  2. Baked beans, a British institution? russell davies: Good scene setting. Nothing I can disagree with. I’m nodding along. • Kids in the UK are weaned on baked beans from a young age (much like Vegemite to the Aussies!) • They are an essential ingredient to any properly English breakfast; • A strong pillar of dietary nutrition to any cash strapped student; • And the best friend of any time poor mother looking for a quick, convenient and healthy meal for her family.

  3. Beanz Meanz Heinz? russell davies: Ooh. Some drama and a direction. Quickly, pithily done. • So if British = Beans and Beans = Heinz, wouldn’t you naturally expect Heinz = British? • But does it? • What if (egad!) Heinz was an American institution? • But it is!

  4. Introducing Brit Beans russell davies: I like this. Bringing Dorothy to life - giving her credibility Facts of the Creator: • Born and bred in the UK. • Mother of 3 fanatic bean loving children. • Years spent eating beans? 53. • Number of times she’s eaten baked beans? Over 10,000.

  5. Finding evangelists for our brand russell davies: Excellent. It’s not just ads - I like this. It’s got some story-telling to it. But it’s a bit of a leap from the last slide - I think you need some explanation of what got you from there to here. We send you a can of Brit Beans. You make a bean-related video of what it means to be a Brit (the nationality, not the bean). The best video will run on TV as part of our launch campaign.

  6. Finding evangelists for our brand Create the ‘London Bean Party’ Dump all imposter British beans into the River Thames. russell davies: I like the broad evangelist thought but the whole ‘we’re going to start a political party’ thing has been done so many times. I think you need something else.

  7. russell davies: Funny. Overall I like the simplicity and directness of this stuff. And you’ve precised stuff really well but it seems a little thin. You’ve gone straight to some interesting executional ideas (which is great) but you’ve not supplied enough strategic underpinning. How for instance, do we make Heinz appear unBritish? Getting to execution is great but you then have to step back and do the strategy stuff. God save the bean Solicit band applications for the Bean Pistols. Their first hit, God save the bean, to be released on My Space. Bean