beans are beans n.
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Beans are beans. PowerPoint Presentation
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Beans are beans.

Beans are beans.

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Beans are beans.

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  1. Beans are beans.

  2. First thing first (excusatio non paetita) • Three evidences I had to deal with… • Heinz beans are widely unavailable in in Italy • There’s a very low consumption of canned beans • There were no researches available on the web about the beans-related habits worldwide

  3. This said… I had to think something

  4. russell davies: Fantastic. I’ve never seen the word Moloch in a presentation. I really like it. We’re going against… • Heinz, a moloch with • a worldwide distribution (Italy aside) • an established brand in the canned food/meal moisturizers market

  5. What we can count on? • A 20 yrs expertise in making one of the best beans recipes • Generally healthier • Someway better tasting • The back up of an eccentric millionaire • Home developed • Does anyone care if they’ve never been available? • Medical beans? • Too personal • May be good for other actions but not to position the brand • Kind of unique

  6. How can we be different • We have this “home-made” feeling that’s sustainable against the “industrial” Heinz • We can be some kind of “Aunt Jemima”, a beans-specialist “Betty Croker” (while not jeopardizing the possibility of expanding our production in the following years) russell davies: This all makes sense. But why is everyone so obsessed with being ready for possible expansion? Let’s get the beans business sorted out first.

  7. What can we promise? Beans are beans. It’s how you cook’em that makes the difference. russell davies: Not quite sure what you mean here. Do you mean that ‘it’s the way that Boodles cook them that makes the difference?’ or the way consumers cook them? I’m assuming the first. This is fine, but if you’re going with something this functional I think you need to say more - what, specifically, is special about the way we cook them? What makes it better?

  8. How can we call our beans? BOODLES BEANS A good solution because: • it sustains the home-made positioning by adopting the creator family name • seems simple • sounds nice (at least at my italian ear), it sounds like they can really satisfy your craving for beans russell davies: I agree. It does sound nice. And it let’s you tell the Boodles story.

  9. TV Idea • Several scenes from a home in different times (we understand years are passing by). A man sits at the table while his wife serves him lunch. • Every time he asks: “What do we have today” • Her answer is always the same: “Beans” • He never looks dissatisfied or disgusted by the perspective of another beans-based meal

  10. TV Idea • Super: “It took us just 20 years to reach perfection” • Reprise: the man clean his mouth and asks for more • Boodles Beans Logo and payoff “Craving for home” russell davies: Most planner’s would tell you that you should never include an executional idea in something like this (and most creatives would agree) I’m less certain, because I believe thinking about execution is a great way to think about strategy. But, this is too generic to get you anyway strategically. It’s simple and clear but it’s not really saying anything. So, well done for thinking about an actual ad - but you need to set your bar higher.

  11. russell davies: Good ideas here. Craving for home • The payoff can be a generator for different actions: • in-house demonstration by Boodles representatives • “Feel like home in your favourite cafe” where people can bring a small piece of furniture or a picture to hang on the wall in the cafes that will endors Boodles Beans

  12. russell davies: This is obviously genius Other actions • Boodles will sponsor those cafe appearing on (a bit too much tongue in cheek, isn’t it?)

  13. russell davies: Thank you. Some good stuff in here but I think you need to be a little more rigorous with yourself. Bye Russell, thank you