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State Leadership Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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State Leadership Conference

State Leadership Conference

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State Leadership Conference

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  1. State Leadership Conference Shelly Trent, SPHR ©SHRM 2010

  2. What do I need to know? • Important dates • How are we governed? • How are we connected? What is the bigger picture? • What support do I have in my role? To whom do I turn? • What is the SHAPE program? Why is it important? • Why should we focus on growing membership?

  3. Important Dates for 2011 November 17-19 SHRM Leadership conference December 1 CLIF due January 31 SHAPE due Plus, any dates that your state council requires

  4. November 2011 SHRM Leadership Conference • Incoming chapter president • District Directors • Current and incoming state directors

  5. SHRM Leadership Conference • FREE conference for chapter presidents OR presidents-elect • Hotel and designated meals covered • Chapter covers travel • EVERY chapter should be represented EVERY year • Held in DC area; includes visit to SHRM headquarters • November 17-19, 2011 (tentatively starts at 1:00 Thursday and ends at 2:00 Saturday)

  6. Chapter Leader Information Form (CLIF) • Online form for your chapter to submit complete board/volunteer roster • Due by 12/1, even if you don’t have all roles filled yet • List those roles you know, and provide remaining volunteer list later • Required for all chapters • Allows SHRM to keep in touch with your board members to announce new tools, webcasts, etc. Must submit on time to qualify for any award for the year

  7. How are we governed?

  8. Not-for-profit associations (AKA non-profits) • Non-profit association • Governed by federal and state laws for non-profits • Entire board should read and know what the bylaws say • Bylaws must accurately reflect what the board is doing • No one person on the board makes decisions for chapters; must be by majority vote of the governing body • An affiliate of SHRM – the parent organization • Rules and expectations • Chapter bylaws cannot conflict with SHRM bylaws • Must keep bylaws up to date • Chapter charter outlines the relationship between SHRM and chapter

  9. Changes to Chapter Bylaws • All board members should carefully review the bylaws upon taking office and should follow them as a legally binding document • Bylaws model online – be sure your bylaws include all required sections as stated in the checklist online • ANY bylaws revisions need to be sent to your Field Services Director (FSD) for review • ANY bylaws changes will then be approved by SHRM (including name changes and changes to 100%) • Do not plan your chapter membership vote until AFTER you have received the signed final copy from SHRM

  10. Bylaws Approval Process • Email the complete set of bylaws (marked up copy and final copy) with a bulleted list of the changes to your Field Services Director (FSD).  They will review them and provide suggestions or changes.   • Once they are approved by the FSD, the bylaws are approved by the Chief Membership Officer.   • SHRM signs the bylaws, and then your Regional Administrator (RA) will send them back to you via FedEx with a tracking number.   • Once you receive the package, your chapter membership can then vote on the changes.  Once they are approved, your chapter president should sign and date the bylaws and FedEx (with a tracking number) the signed set back to your RA.  You should keep a copy of them.  The final signed version is placed into the files at SHRM.  This final set is considered to be RATIFIED. The process takes at least 4-6 weeks

  11. Chapter Charters • These documents spell out the relationship between SHRM and chapters • Who owns membership lists • Correct use of the SHRM logo • Correct use of the SHRM name (don’t call your chapter or council SHRM) • Be sure your chapter has a copy; review it annually • If your copy is lost, contact your Regional Administrator

  12. “Affiliate of” logo Please note the change from the TM to the ®; be sure you are using the ® logo Place prominently on all materials produced by an affiliate of SHRM. Do not modify the logo; must be the entire “Affiliate of” logo, and never be smaller than 1 inch wide. Use in conjunction with your chapter logo – same size and near each other

  13. SHRM Requirements • SHRM bylaws require chapter presidents and all state council members be active SHRM members throughout the duration of their term. • Must be indicated in chapter bylaws. • SHRM encourages chapters to require all board members to be SHRM members for greater synergy in the affiliation relationship. • Effectively lead chapter or state council throughout the year and mentor president/president-elect for upcoming year. • Assure bylaws are being followed. • Attend and actively participate in state council meetings.

  14. SHRM Chapter Membership Requirements • For chapters affiliated BEFORE 1/1/04: Minimum of 30% of the total chapter membership or 10 chapter members (whichever is greater) must be current SHRM members • For chapters affiliated AFTER 1/1/04: 25 SHRM members or 51% affiliation (whichever is greater) must be current SHRM members

  15. Position Descriptions • Use as a guide for volunteer leader positions in your chapter • Easier to hold volunteers accountable if you have a written description of role & responsibilities • Sample descriptions available online

  16. How are we connected?

  17. About SHRM • Founded in 1948 • World’s largest professional association dedicated to HR • About 350 staff members • Headquartered in Alexandria VA • Over 250,000 professional and student members in more than 140 countries • More than 580 affiliated local chapters • Over 6,000 volunteer leaders

  18. SHRM Leadership Henry (Hank) Jackson, CPA Interim President/CEO Janet Parker, SPHR Chief Global Membership Officer Pam Green, SPHR Chief U.S. Membership Officer

  19. SHRM Board Chair Jose Berrios 2011-2012 SHRM Board Chair

  20. SHRM’s Vision “To be a globally recognized authority whose voice is heard on the most pressing people management issues of the day - now and in the future”

  21. SHRM’s Mission • Build partnerships • Provide a global community to share expertise & create innovative solutions • Provide thought leadership, education, & research • Be an advocate on the most critical issues facing workplaces & the human resource profession

  22. SHRM’s Strategic Priorities Continue to provide high-value resources to existing core membership Be a global organization Operate as a financially sustainable organization Be the recognized thought leader on people management issues

  23. Volunteer Leadership Structure Governance Committee* SHRM® Board MembershipAdvisory Council • Special Expertise Panels • Corporate Social Responsibility • Employee Health, Safety & Security • Employee Relations • Ethics • Global • Human Capital Measurement/HR Metrics • Labor Relations • Organizational Development • Staffing Management • Technology & HR Management • Total Rewards/Compensation & Benefits • Workplace Diversity RegionalCouncils Members StateCouncils LocalChapters Staff Support *Governance Committee approves appointment of members to special expertise panels.

  24. Chapter Size Small Chapter = 10 – 100 members Medium Chapter = 101 – 300 members Large Chapter = 301 – 500 members Mega Chapter = 501 – 1,000 members Super Mega Chapter = 1,000 + members • Conference calls are held on a quarterly basis for chapter presidents by chapter size • Allows chapter presidents to network with presidents from like-size chapters

  25. Core Leadership Area Volunteers • Each state council is asked to have the following positions: • College Relations • Diversity • Governmental Affairs • HRCI Certification • Membership • SHRM Foundation • Workforce Readiness • Chapters should consider these board roles as well

  26. District Directors • Assist chapter presidents with questions • Visit chapters to provide presentation on “SHRM is the Solution” to your members • Ensure that chapter presidents attend state council meetings • Ensure that chapters submit SHAPE on time • Your District Director and State Council Director should be your first point of contact for assistance • For CLA issues/questions, the state CLA leaders should be your points of contact

  27. Expectations of Council Members • Chapter Presidents should attend all state council meetings or send substitute/proxy • If you have not already done so, please send your complete board roster to your Regional Team and the State Council Director—due 12/1 • Board roster should include ALL volunteers with complete contact information • Late submissions will keep your chapter/council from being eligible for a SHAPE award

  28. Volunteer Assistance Volunteer Assistance • There are four administrators at headquarters with a general number to call: 800-283-SHRM x 3333. 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Anyone at that number can assist you with CFSP, rosters, designation forms, etc. • The number will take voicemails 24/7 but will only be manned from 7 am – 7 pm ET.  • Email:  This is a generic email inbox that will be accessible by all the Regional Administrators. • Order SHRM supplies from your Regional Administrator.

  29. Southeast Regional Contacts Shelly Trent, SPHR (800) 283-7476, x 6335 877-246-8976 Crystal Adair (800) 283-7476, x 6370 703-535-6199

  30. VLRC

  31. VLRC

  32. VLRC

  33. VLRC

  34. SHRM Resources • Nearly all the resources to be reviewed in this presentation are available in the Volunteer Leaders’ Resource Center • Web site for volunteers at, click on Communities and Volunteer Resources • Let’s review some of them

  35. Leadership Conference Resources • 2010 Leadership Basics Webinar Series Available! • • Governance, Fundamentals, and Operations topics • Links to Videos from 2009 Leadership Conference • Legal Issues for Chapters • Web-based Initiatives • Chapter Finances • Media Relations

  36. Chapter Leader Resource Guide Fundamentals of Chapter Operations • Excellent tool for all volunteer leaders • Provides the basic fundamentals to achieve operational success • Download from VLRC Chapter Guide to Financial Management • Provides essential financial information • Info on taxes, incorporation, and record keeping • Easy to understand • Excellent resource for all Chapter Officers • Located in the VLRC under the Finance section

  37. What is SHAPE? • Why is it important?

  38. SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE) • Both a planning tool and an evaluation tool • Covers calendar year • Reporting tool for SHAPE award • Must be filed with SHRM by 1/31 to receive CFSP • Need to determine now who will complete • Complete online only

  39. SHAPE • SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE) • 2011 Chapter Planning Workbook and the archived volunteer leader webinar are available in the VLRC at • Online forms available to input goals for year to aid in planning

  40. Goals for SHAPE Replaced many operational items with strategic objectives designed to increase the visibility and effectiveness of chapters & state councils while promoting SHRM and the HR profession overall Strengthens our affiliates’ connection to SHRM from a business perspective by clearly outlining requirements to measure chapter and state council alignment and engagement Raises the bar of excellence for affiliates, and provides a tiered recognition system In case you are not yet familiar… 41

  41. SHAPE Program • ALL chapters must complete all items in the Basic Requirements section to remain affiliated • Other sections of SHAPE: Mission-Driven Initiatives, SHRM-Affiliate Support, and Measures of Success • Four award levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum You must have submitted your CLIF by December 1 to qualify for any award

  42. SHAPE Program The Excel Award Levels Each builds upon the previous level of awards Raises the bar of excellence for affiliates Not to be compared to the CAP award levels! – no correlation 43

  43. SHAPE Program The Excel Awards SHRM Bronze Chapter Award Chapter successfully completes all of the requirements listed in Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3. 44

  44. SHAPE Program The Excel Awards SHRM Silver Chapter Award Chapter successfully completes all of the requirements in Sections 1, 2, and 3 AND: □ Develop and implement one additional chapter initiative (for a total of four) in Section 2. □ 50%of board members are SHRM members throughout their terms of office. □ Chapter president or president-elect attends SHRM Leadership Conference or state leadership event. 45

  45. SHAPE Program The Excel Awards SHRM Gold Chapter Award Chapter successfully completes all of the requirements in Sections 1, 2, and 3AND : □ Develop and implement two additional chapter initiatives (for a total of five) in Section 2. □ Chapter president andpresident-elect attend the SHRM Leadership Conference or state leadership event if one is held. □ Achieve Membership Star recognition for growth of SHRM membership in the chapter. (Membership Star status is growth of SHRM members in the chapter of 6-9 percent) 46

  46. SHAPE Program The Excel Awards SHRM Gold Chapter Award (cont’d) □ Chapter president participates in at least 75 percent of state council meetings and conference calls. □ 75%of board members are SHRM members throughout the duration of their terms of office. □ Chapter qualifies as a 2010 SHRM Foundation Chapter Champion. 47

  47. SHAPE Program The Excel Awards SHRM Gold Chapter Award (cont’d) □ Serve as a resource to the community or local media on HR issues. □ If you are a non-100% chapter, determine feasibility of transitioning non-100% chapters to 100% affiliation status. 48

  48. SHAPE Program The Excel Awards SHRM Platinum Chapter Award Chapter successfully completes all of the requirements in Sections 1, 2, and 3 AND : □ Chapter is a 100% SHRM chapter. □ Develop and implement strategic initiatives in all six areas of Section 2. □ Chapter president and president-elect attend the SHRM Leadership Conference and state leadership event if one is held. 49

  49. SHAPE Program The Excel Awards SHRM Platinum Chapter Award (cont’d) □ Achieve Membership Superstar recognition for growth of SHRM members in the chapter. (Membership Superstar status is growth of SHRM members in the chapter of 9.5 percent or more) □ Chapter president (or an appointed representative not already on the council in another role) participates in 100% of state council meetings and conference calls. □ Chapter qualifies as a 2010 SHRM Foundation Chapter Champion. 50

  50. SHAPE Program The Excel Awards SHRM Platinum Chapter Award (cont’d) □ Chapter serves as a resource to the community or local media on HR issues. □ Describe how the chapter has provided information and resources to chapter members regarding the impact of state or federal legislative issues. 51