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Limiting datasets

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Limiting datasets

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Limiting datasets

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  1. Limiting datasets • Some reports can take hours and even days to run. The Retrieve Catalog Records (p_ret_01) is one such report. • One way to significantly reduce run time and load on system is to limit the number of records to process. • Once a smaller group of records is identified, it can be used as the “input dataset” to the longer running processes.

  2. To define a smaller dataset within the cataloging module, use “binoculars” search

  3. The drop down menu is defined by pc_tab_sear.eng and is also affected by indexed fields defined in tab00.

  4. One of the most useful fields in a consortia setting with a shared database is the ALEPH OWN field.

  5. Enter the ADM code and hit OK. This will generate a set of records satisfying that criteria. You can be as general or specific as needed.

  6. This is a search for the same OWN field but also limited by FORMAT of SE.

  7. Highlight the set you want to use and then hit SAVE.

  8. You will be prompted for a filename. Keep it short and easy to remember. If you are in a consortia, you will want it to be unique to avoid overwriting or getting overwritten!

  9. The system stores that set in $alephe_scratch. Your limited set of records is ready to be used as input for services such as ret-01. Be sure to check that the service you wish to run looks for the input file in the $alephe_scratch directory. • For example, the HELP documentation for ret-01 states:Input FileEnter the name of an input file only if you want to narrow a previously retrieved group of document numbers. The input file must exist in the $alephe_scratch directory. If no input file is necessary, leave the field blank.

  10. The name of the saved record set is used as the INPUT FILE for ret-01. The service will only process against those records saving much time and system resources.