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Coaches & Managers Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Coaches & Managers Meeting

Coaches & Managers Meeting

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Coaches & Managers Meeting

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  1. Coaches & Managers Meeting

  2. PCAHA Female • Team link game management and database

  3. Your League Manager needs: • Your phone number • Your Cell phone number • Your email address • Your fax number • To support you and your team with exhibition games, League Games, Tournaments, and other matters

  4. To enter your game sheet select “Game Entry”

  5. Select your game from drop down list

  6. Enter Scores Enter Score & Time Keepers Enter PERIOD TIMES these are VERY important in case of a serious penalty

  7. If it does not auto fill Find the name using The drop down box Enter Referee`s number and then select The Match Referee/Linesman button Once Complete Select NEXT button

  8. Note: You must select All the players on the Game sheet not just those who received penalties Select each player/team official on the game sheet by clicking the box beside the name. If the player or team official Received a penalty select the Edit Penalties Button

  9. When Complete click the Submit button Click the Green Button beside The corresponding penalty to add That penalty to the player PLEASE NOTE IF A PLAYER RECEIVES A 5 MINUTE PENALTY THAT IS CONSIDERED A MAJOR (5+GAME) DO NOT SELECT MATCH PENALTY! New Head Contact rules – If player receives Double minor hit the button twice . If The player receives the 5 Min penalty select The Major as noted above.

  10. Game Summary- REVIEW Look over information including rosters and penalties if all is correct Select the confirm (ready for verification) button If you find an error select The PREVIOUS button and Make corrections If you select the cancel and exit Button nothing will be saved.

  11. Once you select the “Confirm” button You will see this pop up reminder. This is a great time to put your game sheet in an addressed, stamped envelope and take it to the mail box! 

  12. Fax or email within 24 hours And then Mail your game sheet to your league manager

  13. Thank you for attending! We look forward to working with you. Have a great season! PCAHA Managing Director Your League Managers