preventive maintenance n.
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Preventive Maintenance PowerPoint Presentation
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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

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Preventive Maintenance

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  1. Preventive Maintenance

  2. Definition • Refers to performing a series of maintenance tasks to prevent system problems • It is different from corrective maintenance

  3. Importance • Saves Money • Saves Time • Improves Performance • Safeguard Data

  4. Hardware-related Problems • Dust • Magnetism • Irregular Power Supply • Heat • Water or corrosive agents

  5. Software-related Problems • Viruses • Fragmentation of data • Spywares

  6. Preventive Maintenance Products • Liquid Cleaning Compounds • Vacuum Cleaners or Air Compressors • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or Surge Suppressors

  7. Software Utilities • Disk Defragmenter • ScanDisk • CHKDSK

  8. Preventive Measure on PC Components • Mouse (Mechanical) – its ball or rollers easily accumulate dirt even if you cover the mouse when you do not use it. This affects the cursor movement. To avoid this, you need to clean the mouse ball and rollers.

  9. Preventive Measure on PC Components • Keyboard – it also accumulates dirt. This causes the keys to stick with the dust particles when being pressed. The dust particles can cause short-circuit, which results in incorrect characters to display on the screen. Liquids spilled on the keyboard can also cause a short-circuit.

  10. Preventive Measure on PC Components • Floppy Disk Drive – A floppy may not be accessible if dirt has accumulated in the floppy drive. Dirt can also cause a floppy to get corrupted. To avoid this, clean the floppy drive head using a floppy drive cleaning kit. The kit contains a cleaning disk and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol

  11. Preventive Measure on PC Components • CD-ROM Drive – To clean the CD-ROM drive, you need a CD lens cleaner, which is similar to a CD but has a tiny brush on track zero

  12. Preventive Measure on PC Components • Hard Disk Drive – The hard disk is a sealed unit and therefore it needs less maintenance. As a preventive measure, you must check the following issues: • Heat • Vibration • Shock • Acclimation

  13. Preventive Measure on PC Components • Monitor – Monitors gather dust quickly due to static charge generation. Therefore, the outer case and screen require regular cleaning. • CRTs – use a cloth dampened with water or a mild window cleaning solution to wipe the glass screen and clean the monitor case • LCDs – Use a soft, dry cotton cloth or a small amount of isopropyl alcohol with dampened cloth to remove finger prints and smudges from an LCD screen.

  14. Preventive Measure on PC Components • Printer – A printer accumulates dust particles and bits of paper while printing. They produce electrical charge that is harmful for the components of the printer

  15. ESD Precautions and Procedures Electro-Static Discharge

  16. Danger posed by ESD • Perform PC preventive maintenance activities with a lot of care. Otherwise, it can cause harm to you as well as the PC. Always be very careful with Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) • ESD is most prevalent in dry, low humidity environments

  17. Danger posed by ESD • It occurs when two objects of dissimilar charge come in contact with each other such as your body and a computer component • Object with the higher charge passes voltage to the object of lower charge

  18. Danger posed by ESD • ESD of 10 volts can damage computer components such as the CMOS chip (due to thin metal oxide layer) • Dirt and dryness contribute to ESD. Dirt holds the charge, and dryness increases the ability of dirt to hold this charge

  19. ESD Protection Devices • Antistatic Wrist Strap • Antistatic Bags • ESD Static Mats • Antistatic Sprays

  20. Precautions to Prevent Damages Caused by ESD • Do not plug in or remove devices when the power is ON • Store PC components in appropriate anti-static containers such as envelopes and bags • Have a reliable ground point so that you can connect your body to it with a wrist strap

  21. Precautions to Prevent Damages Caused by ESD • Keep the carpets dust-free • Wear shoes with rubber soles to get rid of static charge • Do not wear clothes made of synthetic material because it is a conductor of charge

  22. Precautions to Prevent Damages Caused by ESD • Do not wear jewelry because metals are conductors of electricity • Maintain the relative humidity at around 50 percent

  23. Protecting the Environment

  24. Importance • You cannot just dump any component in landfills, because some components, such as CRTs, batteries, wiring, and toner cartridges, contain harmful chemicals.

  25. Environment Friendly Disposal Procedures • Batteries – contain several chemicals, such as nickel and lead that are harmful to the environment. These chemicals do not degrade safely, so you must not throw them. Instead, you should recycle batteries.

  26. Environment Friendly Disposal Procedures • CRTs – contains phosphors on the inside of the screen that can harm the environment if placed in a landfill. You can contact companies that buy monitors for spare parts or melt them for scrap metal.

  27. Environment Friendly Disposal Procedures • Ink and Toner Cartridges – ink and toner cartridges should be disposed off at recycling centers. You can also sell them to companies that refill and reuse them. However, re-use is not always advisable since it may harm the device or lower the print quality.

  28. Environment Friendly Disposal Procedures • Chemical Solvents and Cans – the most common cleaning chemicals used for computers are alcohol and water, neither of which is particularly hazardous to the environment. You can dispose them easily