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Nonlinear, interactive PowerPoint Presentations PowerPoint Presentation
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Nonlinear, interactive PowerPoint Presentations

Nonlinear, interactive PowerPoint Presentations

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Nonlinear, interactive PowerPoint Presentations

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  1. Nonlinear, interactive PowerPoint Presentations by Patricia Galien Make sure you are in slide show. Start the presentation by clicking the arrow below.

  2. Nonlinear, interactive PowerPoint PresentationsHome • Introduction • Advantages • Tools and Examples • Hyperlinks • Actions • Video Click on the button to return to this page. • Steps • Reminder • Extras

  3. Nonlinear, interactive PowerPoint Presentations PowerPoint is typically used as a supplement to a presentation, but are you aware that it can also be used to make activities, games, and assessment tools that are student driven? Along with all of the features of linear presentations, non-linear presentations are interactive and they can be pretty cool! The presentation will explore the possibilities of these types of presentations and show you how to make them. To start, make sure you are in slide show view and click the arrow.

  4. Nonlinear PowerPoint Presentations • Involve active participation since they allow the user to control how the presentation is viewed • Can combine the presentation of material and comprehension checks • Contain all of the features of PowerPoint • graphics • media • sound

  5. Tools and Examples Click on the down arrow to see the presentation. Key Tools: Click on these pictures to see examples: • Buttons • Pictures of Buttons • Text • Moraine Valley • Images Links • Hyperlinks • Link the “buttons” to anything outside of the PowerPoint presentation • Actions • Link the “buttons” to other slides in the PowerPoint presentation

  6. Hyperlinks(To link to something outside of the presentation) You can hyperlink to: Text Moraine Valley (Select it.) A Picture (Select it.)

  7. Actions (links to other slides within the presentation) Link your buttons, text, or images to any other slide in the PowerPoint presentation by using actions. (Select it.) PowerPoint also provides some already made buttons.

  8. Watch a ten minute video on nonlinear PowerPoint presentations Click on this picture to link to the video.

  9. Steps to Creating a Nonlinear PowerPoint Presentation First, develop your general idea. As the video mentioned, some people like to draw a plan. Then, collect the tools that you will need: • buttons • photos • web site addresses • documents • media

  10. Steps The first slide is usually a title slide. The second slide is usually the home page. Put navigation buttons (buttons that link to major chunks of content) here. Also, put action buttons on all of the pages, so students can go back or return to the home page.

  11. Reminder • If your presentation links to documents that you have (that are not on the Internet), these files need to go into the same folder as your PowerPoint presentation. This folder should contain: • The PowerPoint presentation • Documents that link to the presentation (for example, a Word document) • Media files

  12. Some Extras A Video on That Shows How to Link Jeopardy Template Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Template by Mark E. Damon (Scroll down this page to find the file.)