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  1. NATIONAL STUDENT EMPLOYMENT WEEK & STUDENT EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR Wade Elkins Job Location & Development Coordinator Financial Aid Advisor II Texas A&M University College Station, Texas Student Employee of the Year

  2. National Student Employment Week • Who celebrates NSEW? • What is NSEW about? • When is NSEW celebrated? • Where is NSEW celebrated • Why do we celebrate NSEW?

  3. Who celebrates NSEW? • Student Employment or Placement offices on any college or university campus.

  4. What is NSEW about? • Recognizing the contributions and efforts of student employees both on and off campus.

  5. When is NSEW celebrated? • NSEW is celebrated during the second full week of April each year.

  6. Where is NSEW celebrated? • NSEW can be celebrated on any campus that has a Student Employment or Job Placement Office.

  7. Why do we celebrate NSEW? • We celebrate NSEW because WE CAN and WE SHOULD recognize the work that Student Employees contribute both on and off campus.

  8. How do we celebrate NSEW? • On-campus activities involving Student Employees • Departmental recognition of Student Employees • Proclamation of NSEW by local mayor and president of college or university • Nominations for Student Employee of the Year for both on & off campus Student Employees • Student Employee of the Year Ceremony

  9. Student Employee of the Year • Who is a student employee? • What is a SEOTY? • When is the SEOTY usually recognized? • Where does the SEOTY celebration take place? • Why do we recognize the SEOTY? 2010 Texas A&M SEOTY Nominees & Winners

  10. Who is a Student Employee? • A Student Employee is any student who is employed either on or off campus while attending your institution. • Usually the student employee must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible to be nominated for the SEOTY award.* • Nominators can include supervisors or co-workers. Student Employee in Scholarships & Financial Aid

  11. What is a SEOTY? • A Student Employee of the Year is a student who has been selected through a process as the top student employee for that year. • Most schools give an award/scholarship for the on-campus and the off-campus SEOTY. 2010 Texas A&M SEOTY On-Campus & Off-Campus Winners

  12. When is the SEOTY usually recognized? • At the SEOTY Awards Ceremony in April each year. • The SEOTY usually wraps up the week-long NSEW celebration.

  13. Where does the SEOTY celebration take place? • Usually at your nicest auditorium/facility on campus. • It does not have to take place on campus. Some schools find that there are nicer places to have the SEOTY ceremony in their community. Dr. Loftin, President of Texas A&M, Speaking at the 2010 SEOTY Ceremony

  14. Why do we recognize the SEOTY? • The SEOTY is usually a very good student who has developed time management skills and has balanced their school life, study time, social life and their job while attending college. This type of student is very deserving of the recognition and any scholarships or other awards that might be bestowed upon them.

  15. Honoring the SEOTY: How to Get Started • It all begins with a timeline… • November: • choose dates & times for ceremony • update website*, nomination form*and eligibility requirements* • reserve location for ceremony • invite president to speak at ceremony • December: (Short Month) • prepare budget (room charges, deposits, catering, marketing, promotional items, popcorn machine, awards, etc.)

  16. Screenshot of Website

  17. Nomination Form

  18. Screenshot of Eligibility Requirements

  19. Timeline Continued • January: • send out save-the-date reminders (administration, VIPs across campus, mayor’s offices, etc.) • prepare letter/flyer for potential sponsors* • prepare invitations for nominees, employers, and VIPs • create Excel spreadsheet to track incoming nominations • calculate scores for nominees as they come in* • contact reader committee members • begin contacting sponsors

  20. Sponsor Flyer

  21. Scoring Sheet

  22. Timeline Continued • February: • process all nominations • assemble reader packets • score all nomination letters from the readers • calculate scores for all students and determine winners • begin writing letter about on-campus SEOTY winner to submit to SASEA • make plans for week-long events during NSEW (e.g., reserve popcorn machine) • write thank you notes to reader committee

  23. Timeline Continued • March: • mail proclamation* to mayor’s office • mail out invitations for the ceremony • locate promotional items to give out at resource tables • Email re: special events goes out (Weirdest Job Contest) • April: • prepare programs from ceremony • contact caterer with final head count • prepare speeches for ceremony 2010 Weirdest Job Contest Winner

  24. Proclamation

  25. Timeline Continued • After the Ceremony: • thank you cards to VIPs and sponsors • draw for raffle winners • email winners letting them know they have won

  26. Questions/Discussion THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING! Contact Information: Wade Elkins Student Employment Office Texas A&M University 979-458-5321