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New Revenue Streams for Hosting using APS certified ISVs PowerPoint Presentation
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New Revenue Streams for Hosting using APS certified ISVs

New Revenue Streams for Hosting using APS certified ISVs

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New Revenue Streams for Hosting using APS certified ISVs

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  1. New Revenue Streams for Hosting using APS certified ISVs

  2. An industry leading ecommerce application, commercially selling the software for over five years. Based in Phoenix, AZ 100% of the Development and Support team are in Phoenix, AZ. Marketing-based philosophy on the design and development. Pinnacle Cart Background

  3. PHP-based software application using standard LAMP settings. Encoded with either Zend or Ioncube Source code is available Windows compatibility by the end of 2008 Technical Specs

  4. Complete shopping cart and website builder Over 20 gateways supported including all offerings from Google, Paypal and USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post integration Unlimited categories and products US-based support team Multiple language, multiple currency Most search engine friendly solution available Features “Since switching to Pinnacle Cart we have seen a significant increase in both traffic and revenue.” Kim Kalan

  5. The Pinnacle Cart Difference “Since switching to Pinnacle Cart we have seen a remarkable increase in both sales and traffic.” Kim Kalan

  6. Pinnacle Cart is an ISV Premium Partner The software is certified “Gold” using the APS standard outlined by Parallels One click installation through Application Vault Application Vault is available in Plesk versions 8.x and above Pinnacle Cart and Plesk

  7. Making Money… The SaaS Model and the APS standards Parallels is establishing creates new revenue opportunities for Hosts and Resellers. The introduction of Pinnacle Cart and other ISV’s with paid applications creates the opportunity to revenue share, exclusive partnership fees, advertising fees and more.

  8. Currently offering ecommerce packages Not currently offering ecommerce packages Private Label Reseller Types “From day one the Pinnacle Cart has stood out from all of their competitors.  The cart is very SEO friendly, very pleasing to the eye, and the back-end is especially very easy to use.  The Diabetic Shoes Hub could not have seen the early success that it has with any other back-end application.” Douglas Kwong

  9. You can simply add Pinnacle Cart as your premium product to your offerings. You can replace your current offerings with Pinnacle Cart and be paid for the conversion. You can buy Pinnacle Cart licenses in bulk bring your per license cost down to $54/license. Currently Offering eCommerce

  10. Two paths to choose from Benefit from not just the shopping cart revenue, but the ancillary products that come with shopping carts Full support package and tools to assist you in marketing the software Make additional money advertising the software to your current user base. Ready to add eCommerce

  11. Private label is an option for companies that want to add products but do so under your own brand. All references to Pinnacle Cart Removed You are responsible for support to your customers and we support you Private Label

  12. Additional Revenue Opps

  13. Continue to be on the leading edge of industry trends. Continue to provide more marketing features and outlets to accomplish three goals: assist in bringing more organic traffic to the website, convert a higher percentage of customers and increase the average purchase order. Where is Pinnacle Cart Headed? “When I implemented the express checkout on my storefront, we saw an increase in our visitor traffic to purchase of 2.1%. Keep providing us with these type of features and I can retire early!!” Sid Kreis

  14. Summit Offering • Earn up to $10,000 promoting Pinnacle Cart • Earn up to $150 per sale through the end of the year • Unlimited revenue potential marketing Pinnacle Cart as you default shopping cart