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Spiritual Growth Tours

Spiritual Growth Tours

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Spiritual Growth Tours

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  1. John of God Brazilian Healer, John of God’s Healing Trips & More Working and living in Brazil during the last twelve years and being completely fluent in Portuguese allows me to make the planning of your Sacred Healing Journey a stress-free and smooth experience. Take a look at the pages above regarding trip dates, trip pricing, John of God, healing, itinerary, flights, visas, budget and other useful information. I look forward to being a part of your Sacred Healing Journey to John of God in Brazil. May your path be filled with love, grace, light, joy, beauty, abundance, healing and transformation! blessings from Abadiania, Brazil, Steve Rozengauz Official Guide of the Casa De Dom Inacio

  2. “ It became absolutely evident that both Steve and Debora are here to be of service.  The magic of their partnership is a mutual reciprocity that’s quite refreshing.  They genuinely trust, respect, and care about each other.  That uniquely complementary exchange yields a wonderful synergy that then transcends into the group and makes for an extraordinary experience.  Deb’s gentle, fun, and loving nature is the perfect counterpart to Steve’s genius, nurturing, and intensity. ”- Michael Blomsterberg, Los Angeles, US  • “My two week experience at the Casa would never have been the same without the expertise and the caring of the team of Steve and Debora. Their constant presence and dedication to the group made this adventure easy and wonderful. With their guidance one can really enjoy the spiritual retreat one seeks without having to worry about every detail, the only thing left is to go with the flow and this is priceless. From the moment they meet you at the airport to the time you are sent off back home you are cared for, nurtured, entertained and LOVED.”   - Michele Blechner, Miami, US Ideal John of God Guides

  3. John of God Trip Accommodations The John of God trip accommodations are in a nice and clean hotel (pousada in Portuguese) which has WiFi internet, a swimming pool, a garden with tropical flowers and a spacious veranda.  The hotel is ideally located within a one minute walk from the Casa – John of God’s Healing Center. All of the hotels in Abadiania are simple, so it is important to let go of expectations and remember that everyone is primarily coming for healing and spiritual growth, not a luxury vacation. All of the rooms have their own bathroom and shower.   Single travelers will get their own single room (there is NO single room supplement).

  4. John of God Trip Dates John of God Tour Dates for 2 week & 1 week trips**  in 2014: April 7-April 19, 2014* April 28-May 10,2014* June 2-June 14, 2014* July 14-July 26, 2014* August 11-August 23, 2014* September 8-September 20, 2014* October 6-October 18, 2014*   October 27-November 8, 2014* December 1-December 13, 2014* *Please note all journeys start on Monday and finish on Saturday in the city of Brasilia, Brazil.   Your guide will meet you at the Brasilia airport.

  5. Contact Us Hailed From Toronto California, New York Nevada and Arizona (347) 732-1055