optimizing oracle license d ollar i nvestment with netapp n.
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Optimizing Oracle License D ollar I nvestment with NetApp PowerPoint Presentation
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Optimizing Oracle License D ollar I nvestment with NetApp

Optimizing Oracle License D ollar I nvestment with NetApp

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Optimizing Oracle License D ollar I nvestment with NetApp

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Optimizing Oracle License Dollar Investment with NetApp Steven Schuettinger Technical Alliance Manager Corporate Alliance Team for Oracle NetApp Public

  2. Maximizing Value Requires New Thinking NetApp Public

  3. Industry Trend – Shared IT InfrastructureReduced TCO… NetApp Public

  4. Data Center Architectures in Transition Hybrid Application-Based Silos Zones ofVirtualization Private Cloud Public Cloud Apps Servers Network Storage Workloads moving increasingly toward virtualized cloud infrastructure Private cloud: Behind the firewall of an enterprise, closed to public Public cloud: Accessible through service providers for general purchase Hybrid cloud: Private clouds linked to public clouds NetApp Public

  5. Traditional Storage Infrastructure Doesn’t Keep Up with Infrastructure Demands Future Clustered Database UNIX® Windows® • Performance bottleneck • Insufficient availability Inflexible capacity silos Complexity at large scale NetApp Public

  6. The Foundation of an Agile IT Infrastructure Messaging VDI Dev & Test DB ERP Clustered Database Clustered Data ONTAP Data Management Data Availability Data Scaling NetApp Public

  7. Manageability use cases: end:end SLA Upgrade or need additional resources V-Series DBA IT Policies Systems Post-upgrade or need fewer resources IT Permissions Network V-Series SSD, SAS, SATA Storage Workflow Automation NetApp Public

  8. High Performance < C-4 Current-4 Current-3 Current-2 Current Current-1 Compress High Capacity Lower Cost Compress Performance by the Numbers with NetApp Oracle’s Query Optimizer is Partition Aware… 1 Fabric Attached Storage With Unified Connect Tablespaces Data Files (partitions) Priority 1 Lifecycle/Data Migration Path Priority 2 4 End-to-End Optimize Organize Cache Best Practice QoS Archive Priority 3 Policy Active Oracle Partition Advisor… 2 SAS Fastest: FlashCache 3 4 Less Active Policy 6 SATA Archive Transportable Tablespace Historical 5 FlexShare® NetApp Public

  9. Collaborative solution from NetApp & Oracle NFSv3 client within Oracle RDBMS server NFS files accessed directly from Oracle DB Key Benefit: Optimized for lower I/O latencies Direct I/O and asynchronous I/O support Eliminates extra O/S NFS client code path Optimized NFS code path for database I/O Oracle Direct NFS What is Oracle’s Direct NFS client? NetApp Public

  10. FS layer NFS client TCP/IP layer TCP/IP layer Driver + NIC HW Driver + NIC HW DNFS Optimizes Oracle I/O Traditional NFS I/O Direct NFS I/O Database DNFS 1 Extra layers 2 1 2 Not optimizedfor Oracle OS 3 3 Extra networktraffic Storage 10 NetApp Public

  11. DNFS Throughput & Latency Results: Achieved through the joint efforts of NetApp and Oracle. NetApp Public

  12. Scales across 4 separate network paths between DB host & NFS server Load balances across available paths Scales linearly with number of paths High Availability across paths Oracle DNFS Innovation DNFS is scalable, reliable, & easy to use! NetApp Public

  13. Performs on par with blocks protocols Higher concurrent access to NFS server Improved Scalability NetApp Public

  14. Simple to Administer No NFS tuning No database tuning No client mount options Caveat for Oracle RAC: Quorum (voting) and registry (CRS) “disks” must be on ASM, KNFS or block devices Platform Independent Deploys on Windows & UNIX Free with Oracle Database 11g Cost Effective Leverage your secure high speed Ethernet infrastructure Oracle DNFS Efficiency NetApp Public

  15. Improving Database Efficiencies: Getting the most out of your Oracle licenses Compute & Network Offload to NetApp Enterprise Edition @ $47.5K + RAC @ $23K + Advanced Security @ $11.5K + Compression @ $11.5K = $93.5/PROCESSOR • Improve host scalability by leveraging Oracle Database Smart Flash Cache with NetApp SSD • Leverage storage-based snapshots and thin clones instead of traditional host-based backup, recovery, and cloning solutions • Characterize the impact of in-database copy-on-write technologies (e.g., Oracle Flashback) • Analyze cost Vs benefit • Leverage storage- instead of host-based compression and encryption • Leverage storage-based mirroring instead of host- based “log shipping” technologies • Leverage specialized data stores for unstructured data rather than LOB stores in the database (e.g., Oracle Secure Files) NetApp Public

  16. Oracle Database Smart Flash Cache + • Enhance OLTP performance by “extending” the SGA Buffer Cache with NetApp Solid State Disks • Victim Cache • Ideal for OLTP • Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris • RAC and Single Instance SGA Buffer Cache Oracle Block Eviction Oracle Block Restoration Flash Cache Solid State SAS / SATA NetApp Public

  17. Introducing NetApp for Oracle RMAN – Media Management Library MML Vs • Efficient • Storage based instant snapshots and clones • Independent of database size • No impact on host or network • Protect: mirror and vault • Flexible • Integrated with Snapshot, SnapRestore, and FlexClone via the Proxy Copy interface • Leverage existing backup process • Bare metal or virtual deployment • Granular “restore” options NetApp Public

  18. RMAN Alone Vs. NetApp for Oracle RMAN Oracle Backup Solutions Program (BSP) NetApp Public

  19. Compression and Encryption NetApp Public

  20. Database License Efficiency - Visualized Baseline Memory Bound Compute Nodes CPU Bound Compute -> Balanced Assumptions: Headroom = 10% “Unused” Utilization • 70% sustained • OLTP • 80% burst • 90% peak • Oracle Overhead • RMAN = ~10% • Flashback = ~10% • Encryption = ~10% • Compression = ~10% Balanced Config. No SGA offload Without offload SGA offload to SSD With offload Enterprise Edition @ $47.5K + RAC @ $23K + Advanced Security @ $11.5K + Compression @ $11.5K = $93.5/PROCESSOR NetApp Public

  21. Summary • Consolidate • UNIX to Linux • RISC to x86/x64 • GigE/IB to 10+ GigE • SAN/DAS to NAS • ASM to dNFS • Silo to Cloud • Optimize • Provisioning • Performance • Cache • Host • Controller • Offload • SGA to SSD • RMAN to Snapshot NetApp Public

  22. NetApp Public