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Prostate Massage Therapy PowerPoint Presentation
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Prostate Massage Therapy

Prostate Massage Therapy

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Prostate Massage Therapy

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  1. Prostate Massage Therapy

  2. The practice of Prostate Massage Therapy is catching on like wild fire due to its effectiveness and it’s holistic nature, but before we too jump on the bandwagon, let us learn a little more about the delicate gland called Prostate. It is a compound tubuloalveolar exocrine gland found in male reproductive system, which stores and secretes a milky-white alkaline fluid that constitutes almost 30% of the semen, the male organic fluid responsible for human reproduction. It is a walnut-sized gland that holds the key to male reproductive health. Prostate Massage Therapy is the natural way of providing stimulation to the gland to increase blood circulation which in turn improves its health and thereby enhances its activities.

  3. Origins of Prostate Massage Therapy:Prostate Massage Therapy was regularly practiced by the medical professionals as well as the Tantric masters in ancient China and India thousands of years ago. It has also been found that this therapy was also common among the doctors during the days of Roman civilization. Medical Practitioners used to perform Prostate Massage Therapy during the days of Mayan Civilization as well. It is now known that the reason behind this particular therapy was mainly to provide the sultans and emperors an enhanced sexual life. This is probably the reason why some of the ancient kings and emperors had a number of wives and hundreds of mid wives and children. Advanced techniques of the therapy were taught to these women in order to satisfy the emperors to the fullest. A majority of these centuries-old techniques are lost with time and the methods practiced by the modern doctors worldwide are only a few of their remnants. It has also been found that prostate-related problems, unlike today, were more or less unheard of in past. Partly due to the age-old prostate-massage techniques prevalent in those days and partly because only few men lived long enough to experience prostate related conditions.

  4. However, with the advent of new-age medicines and technology, many of these natural remedies have been replaced by advanced antibiotics and surgical methods. Yet, it is seen, that the Asians have more propensity to go for Prostate Message Therapy instead of antibiotics and surgery than the Westerners. The benefits of Prostate Massage TherapyThe key benefits of Prostate Massage are summarized below: The message improves the flow of blood into the gland thereby improving its health and also removes the clogs within the duct reducing the discomfort level during sexual intercourse. It increases the sexual pleasure to a large extent at the time of orgasm. It also helps in improving your ejaculation thereby increasing the effective sperm count in your semen. Cases of enlarged prostate gland are quite frequent in males who have past the prime of their sexual lives. An enlarged prostate gland reduces the flow of urine to a large extent. A regular Prostate Massage Therapy will nullify these chances and helps in improved flow of urine.

  5. Due to the consumption of junk foods and tobacco, a lot of toxic materials like nicotine, pesticides and other unwanted foreign particles may accumulate in the Prostate gland increasing the chances of Cancer. An increased blood flow in the gland due to the therapy will help in the removal of these toxins and nullify the chances of cancer to many folds.People doing a lot of office work behind the desk are prone to Prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate gland. This is caused by an irregular flow of oxygen in the gland. Prostate Massage Therapy will help in increasing the oxygen flow in the glands to a large extent lessening the chances of Prostatitis.The Technique of Conducting the Therapy:A Prostate massage Therapy can be conducted in two ways – Internally and Externally.

  6. External Prostate Therapy MassageThis method was invented in early 1990’s. It is designed to massage the prostate externally. Patients are simply instructed to place specially shaped seat on the chair and are to sit on it. They can carry out their normal activities like watching TV or working in a computer while using it. No movement or rocking is needed to be done in order to do this massage. Although this is easy to perform this technique is rather NOT effective as this method does not provide direct stimulation to the gland. Internal Prostate Therapy MassageIt is the traditional way of stimulating the prostate gland. The process involves inserting a lubricated or a gloved finger through the anal opening of the patient and reaching the gland and stimulating the prostate with gentle strokes and pressure. A proper massage of the gland will stimulate blood flow and help promote healing of various prostate conditions.