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Prostate Massage Therapy

The Sonic Massager provides a user with the ability to self-administer the needed massage therapy to their prostate. Not only can they perform the therapy on themselves, there is no need to leave home, wait in a doctor’s office for hours, then be subjected to what is often a humiliating ordeal.

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Prostate Massage Therapy

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  1. Will Prostate Massage Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Work for Me? Prevention, it has been said, is worth more than cure. The prostate, like any other organ or bodily system, has needs. Some recommend a special diet to help prevent prostate issues such as cancer or prostatiti or at least maintain a healthier prostate. Yet for centuries, physicians in eastern lands have known of the positive effects of massage therapy to maintain both a healthy prostate and sexual prowess. Western medicine is just catching up. As with any treatment for erectile dysfunction, prostate massage therapy may have mixed results. No physician or researcher will tell a patient that any treatment is 100% guaranteed, because none are. Yet, compared to alternative treatments in cost, self-esteem, and convenience, the Sonic Massager is often the preferred choice. According to the University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center, tight anal muscles are the cause of most unexplained testicular and prostate pain. The best-known way to relax muscles it through massage therapy. The Sonic Massager, developed by the Advanced Canadian Engineering Group has found that in 97% of cases, users experienced relief from erectile dysfunction, especially when caused by prostatitis.

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