dell servers compute from your scale to hyperscale n.
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Dell Servers: Compute from your scale to hyperscale PowerPoint Presentation
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Dell Servers: Compute from your scale to hyperscale

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Dell Servers: Compute from your scale to hyperscale

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Dell Servers: Compute from your scale to hyperscale

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  1. Dell Servers:Compute from your scale to hyperscale [Your/Presenter name] [Publication season + calendar year]

  2. Optimize your enterprise Optimize your enterprisewith Future-Ready IT solutions BUILD

  3. Future Ready IT Server Solutions Future-Ready IT Infrastructure Dell Servers Campus Branch Computing solutions from your scale to hyperscale WAN Branch Office Remote Office VRTX Internet • Power complex workloads • Improve operational efficiency • Reduce costs • Increase productivity • Adapt easily to rapidly changing business needs Remote Data Centers BUILD Server Storage Network Cloud Services Software Data Center

  4. We stand on the cusp of thenext technological revolution.The forces of cloud, big data, mobile and security are changing the way people live, businesses operate and the world works, just as the PC did. Now it’s time to do what Dell does best—make these innovations simpler, more affordable and more accessible, putting more power into the hands of more people than ever before. • Michael DellSeptember 2013 Confidential 4

  5. Traditional server environments have many challenges… • Rigid and inflexible platforms lead to “rip-and-replace” upgrades • Time-consuming management processes lead to inefficiency • Architectural limitations require overprovisioning to meet SLAs during peak activity We know. One out of every four servers • is manufactured by Dell.

  6. Server Industry Trends … Accelerating business demands are driving the evolution of workloads, requiring greater infrastructure flexibility Growth in non-traditional and cloud deployment models Virtualization is pervasive Continued challenges with operational and capital cost containment Increasing user expectations driven by “always on, instant access” devices … creating opportunities for customer inspired innovation

  7. Dell is driving the evolution of server infrastructures based on feedback from you… Enhanced manageability • Improve operations and recover lost time by utilizing pervasive automation and embedded capabilities • Maximize uptime with simplified interactions and enhanced recoverability Improved efficiency • Reduce resource consumption and enhance performance per watt • Deploy versatile performance using scalable and agile platforms optimized for specific workloads General purpose Distributed applications Distributed applications General purpose Design philosophy • Consistent • Versatile • Reliable • Workload-focused • Scalable • Virtualization-optimized Scale Scale

  8. Dell Server strategy 1 Maximize operational effectiveness Superior customer benefit • Greater IT efficiency • Superior IT agility • Better IT reliability 2 Optimize flexibility at any scale 3 Ensure worry-free computing … delivering results from your scale to hyperscale

  9. Optimize on-premises or cloud-enabled IT by controlling operating costs and resource utilization 1 Maximize operational effectiveness by reducing the complexities of infrastructure management and optimizing resource consumption Automation Simplification Resource Optimization Increase productivity with replicable processes that use fewer manual steps to perform essential tasks in less time Deliver maximum uptime and functionality using fewer toolsthat leverage embedded, agent-free management Improve resource utilization dramatically with enhanced density, energy and time- saving advantages for unparalleled TCO • iDRAC8 with Lifecycle Controller technology • Zero touch deployment • OpenManage Mobile • iDRAC Quick Sync • iDRAC Direct • Fresh Air 2.0 • In-system power characterization

  10. Scale to meet today’s “always on, instant access” demands simply and economically Optimizeflexibility at any scale by providing versatile solutions tailored to deliver maximum performance for your environments and workloads 2 Components Infrastructure Management Customize your IT environment for specific workloads with selectable and upgradeable elements Deploy and grow at the precise pace your needs dictate with adaptable, scalable infrastructures Manage your systems using the tools that best fit your individual environment • M-Series Blades • PowerEdge VRTX • Data Center Solutions • OpenManage Essentials • Integration Suites • Connections • Flash/Hybrid local storage • Select Network Adapters • Express Flash 2.0 SSDs

  11. Maximize your uptime to deliver critical results the instant they are needed Ensureworry-free computing by delivering robust, highly-available platforms designed for your specific needs 3 Redundancy Resiliency Recoverability Ensure hardware remains on-line and available to better support your critical workloads Get assured uptimefor confident computing operations Speed your return to productivity with quick and easy interaction • Power & cooling • PERC9 RAID • Failsafe Virtualization • Optimized airflow • Fault Resilient Memory • Pre-failure notification • SupportAssist • Tech Support Report • Auto parts replacement

  12. Workload-optimized solutions for any size enterprise The Dell Enterprise Server Solutions Portfolio • Dell • Storage PowerEdge T series PowerEdge R series PowerEdge VRTX PowerEdge M series PowerEdge C series Data Center Solutions • Dell • Networking Affordable, entry-level tower servers Rack-optimized for improved density Integrated IT for remote & branch office Dense modular IT with central management Flexible, scale-out cloud & HPC solutions Tailored for hyperscale workloads General purpose Distributed applications Traditional Shared Infrastructure • Dell • Software • Dell • Services

  13. Compute Deliver the precise levels of computational power needed for your complex workloads from your scale Improve operational efficiency with agent-free, embedded systems management to hyperscale Reduce costs with the world’s leading energy efficient platforms Increase productivity with industry-leading virtualization Dell PowerEdge Servers Adapt to evolving workloads and rapidly changing business needs simply and economically

  14. Compute solutions from office scale to hyperscaleDell Servers 1IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, Q1, 2014 2 3The Dell PowerEdge M520 is the world’s most power efficient blade server based on SPEC testing. SPEC and the benchmark name SPECpower_ssj are trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Based on benchmark results based on best SPECpower_ssj2008 results published as of July 2014. For the latest SPECpower_ssj2008 benchmark results, visit ssj2008.html. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability. 4PowerEdge M420 quarter-height server compared to half-height servers. 5 6AD#G12000810.

  15. Optimize your enterprisewith Dell Server solutions Start today Schedule an appointment with your Dell representative or channel partner today to learn how you can accelerate your IT evolution and move your business forward For more information,