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Storm Safety

Storm Safety

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Storm Safety

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  1. Storm Safety

  2. Storms are a common cause of power failure Strong winds can cause branches from trees and other debris to fall across powerlines and stop the supply of electricity to homes.

  3. Storm Preparation Before a storm: 1.Keep a torch and a battery-operated radio handy to listen for power restoration updates. 2. Secure loose items in your yard that may become airborne in high winds.

  4. Storm Preparation Before a storm: 3. Check that the powerline (if you have one) to your house is clear from trees in your front yard 4. Trim overhanging tree branches but do not attempt to cut trees near powerlines.

  5. When the lights go out.. • Stay calm and stick with Mum or Dad • Don’t use candles – they can be dangerous! • Get Mum or Dad to call Energex or check the Energex website to see what’s happening in your area During a storm

  6. After a storm Inspect outside and around your home for damage, especially if any powerlines have been brought down. If lines are down do not go near them, call Energex or 000 immediately and ensure other people stay clear of the fallen powerlines.

  7. Other Weather Safety Flooding Electricity and water do not mix and together they can lead to serious life threatening and safety issues. Before- Clear gutters/pipes, secure loose items around the house, move electrical equipment to higher ground and charge laptops and phones

  8. During Flooding • Turn power off at switchboard • Stay tuned to local radio • Do not operate electrical equipment when standing in water • Follow instructions from local authorities

  9. After Flooding Before entering your property make sure it is safe to do so. • Unplug all electrical appliances affected by water • Take care when cleaning up of fallen powerlines hidden in branches or water • Warn others of fallen powerlines and call Energex