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Storm Safety

Storm Safety

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Storm Safety

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  1. Storm Safety • Names: Shelby Wiseman and Anne Adams • GLCE: E.ES.01.24- Describe precautions that should be taken for human safety during severe weather conditions. (i.e. Thunderstorms, Tornados, Lightning, High Winds, Blizzards, and Hurricanes.) • Lesson Overview: After completion of this lesson, students will be able to: • Discuss the safety precautions they should take before a thunderstorm, lighting, tornado, high winds, blizzard, and hurricane. • Discuss the safety precautions they should take during a thunderstorm, lighting, tornado, high winds, blizzard, and hurricane. • Discuss the safety precautions they should take after a thunderstorm, lighting, tornado, high winds, blizzard, and hurricane. • Materials Needed: • Pencil -KWL chart -Power Point on Safety • scenario packet - “Aunt Minnie and the Twister” book

  2. Phase One: Engage • In order to engage the students in the lesson to follow we will be reading the book “Aunt Minnie and the Twister” by Mary Skillings Prigger. This book is not only age appropriate, but will get the students thinking about tornados and any questions they have about them or other severe weather conditions. • Questions to ask: -Have you ever been in one of these types of weather? (thunderstorm, tornado, lightning, blizzard, hurricane, high winds) -What did you or your family do to stay safe?

  3. Phase Two: Explore • In order to explore sever weather conditions and the safety precautions to take during each, students will be divided into groups of 3-4. • Each group will be given a KWL chart for each severe weather condition we will cover. Students will fill out the K part (Know) and the W part (Want to know) regarding what they know and want to know about how to stay safe before, during, and after a severe weather situation. • After groups have completed their K and W part of the chart we will go over what each group put as a class.

  4. Phase Three: Explain • Students will view a power point on storm safety that included lots of visuals. • As a class we will go over : • Severe weather conditions • Precautions (before, during, after)

  5. Phase Four: Elaborate • Finish KWL chart (the L part) as groups and then as a class, sharing what we have learned. • Teachers will answer students questions at this time. • Students will be given a scenario sheet to complete.

  6. Phase Five: Evaluate • Teachers will evaluate students by: • Looking over the L part of the KWL chart. • Collecting the scenario sheets.

  7. Additional Ideas: • After this lesson students can be assigned to go home and share what they learned in class to their family and friends. • Students will be asked to make a safety plan with their families for each severe weather condition. • They will share their family plans with the class the next day at school.

  8. Other Info: • URL’s used in this lesson: •