a 9 th grade guide to the basics of writing in mla format n.
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MLA Format

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MLA Format

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  1. Amanda Wieland A 9th grade guide to the basics of writing in MLA Format. MLA Format

  2. Type this URL into your browser so that you can take a quick quiz to see your current knowledge over MLA format. • • How did you do? Amanda Wieland Quick quiz

  3. Double-space everything 12 pt. Times New Roman font Only ONE space after punctuation All margins should be 1 in. on all sides Indent first line of paragraphs one half-inch Header with page numbers in upper right corner Italics for titles Amanda Wieland General guidelines

  4. Amanda Wieland • No title page • Double space everything • Upper Left Corner of 1st Page Only Info. • Name • Instructor’s name • Course • Due Date of assignment 1st Page Formatting

  5. Amanda Wieland Example 1st Page

  6. Use parenthetical citations • (Author page) • (Lowry 72)  no pg. needed • In-text specifics • If author is named earlier in sentence, then only page number is needed in parenthesis • If author is not named, then author and page number is needed • Period comes after parenthesis Amanda Wieland In-Text Citations

  7. Amanda Wieland In-text citations Book example Author’s name used in sentence Author’s name not used in sentence.

  8. Quotes should be around all material coming straight from the book If you do not want to use all of the sentence use ellipses […] to indicate that you left something out Amanda Wieland Using short quotations

  9. Quoted material is surrounded by quotes Amanda Wieland Short Quotations Example Quoted material with ellipses […]

  10. Works Cited page is on a new page all by itself This is the page that has an alphabetized list of all the sources used in the paper Label page “Works Cited” Double space all citations Indent the second lines of quotation to create a “hanging indent” Always use the Medium of Publication in entry (print, web, film, CD, DVD, etc) Capitalize each word in title using italics Amanda Wieland Works cited page Basic Format

  11. Last name, First name. Title of Book in Italics. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Medium of Publication. Amanda Wieland Book Entry Rules on works cited

  12. Amanda Wieland Example works cited page