effective secret data sharing using multimedia compression paradigm n.
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Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video Streams PowerPoint Presentation
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Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video Streams

Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video Streams

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Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video Streams

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  1. Effective Secret Data Sharing using Multimedia Compression Paradigm IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY, VOL. 9, NO. 4, APRIL 2014” Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video Streams by Codeword Substitution”

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  3. Abstract • Digital video sometimes needs to be stored and processed in an encrypted format to maintain security and privacy. For the purpose of content notation and/or tampering detection, it is necessary to perform data hiding in these encrypted videos. • In this way, data hiding in encrypted do main without decryption preserves the confidentiality of the content.In addition, it is more efficient without decryption followed by data hiding and re-encryption. • In this paper, a novel scheme of data hiding directly in the encrypted version of H.264/AVC video stream is proposed, which includes the following three parts, i.e., H.264/AVC video encryption, data embedding, and data extraction. • By analyzing the property of H.264/AVC codec, the codewords of intraprediction modes, the codewords of motion vector differences, and the codewords of residual coefficients are encrypted with stream ciphers. Then, a data hider may embed additional data in the encrypted domain by using codeword substitution technique, without knowing the original video content.

  4. Existing System • A digital watermarking algorithm for copyright protection based on the concept of embed digital watermark and modifying frequency coefficients in discrete wavelet transform(DWT) domain is presented. • We embed the watermark into the detail wavelet coefficients of the original image with the use of a key. • This key is randomly generated and is used to select the exact locations in the wavelet domain in which to embed the watermark. • Original unmarked image is not required for watermark extraction. • The performance of proposed watermarking algorithm is robust to variety of signal distortions and noises.

  5. Proposed System • Sender sends an information in the form of video using mp4 files to the receiver. • Sender also wants to send secret information along with this video source. • Receiver only able to view this secret information in the form of decompressed content. • Rivest Block based Ciphering Algorithm and Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video ,codeword substitution techniques involved together and hide the secret content in this video source. • Encoded format of this content is compressed and the compressed source send to the receiver.

  6. System Requirements • Hardware Requirements: Platform : DOTNET (VS2010) , ASP.NET Dot net framework 4.0 Database : SQL Server 2008 R2 • Software Requirements: Processor : Core 2 duo Speed : 2.2GHZ RAM : 2GB Hard Disk : 160GB

  7. Architecture Diagram

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