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Chatswood Public School

Chatswood Public School

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Chatswood Public School

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  1. Chatswood Public School BUSH CAMPUS

  2. CPS School Map

  3. Bush Campus

  4. Bush Campus

  5. Bush Campus

  6. Bush Campus

  7. Q & A • How will children access the canteen? • Early indications from the canteen are that they will set up a satellite (mini) canteen to sell items at recess. Lunch orders will still be processed on the main campus and then delivered to the Bush Campus in time for lunch. • How will students receive the rff programs (library, art, sport, mandarin)? • We are looking at streamlining the whole school rff program. At present we are looking at stage 2 receiving art and mandarin lessons. In both instances the rff teachers will have teaching spaces on the bush campus where they can deliver their lessons. • How will students get to their music lessons? • There will be a 2 core demountable established at the bush campus. It will have a piano and tutors will use this space for their lessons to students in the bush campus.

  8. Q & A • How will students get to and from before and after school care? • Each morning at 8.55am a teacher or teachers aide will escort students in before school care and students involved in music rehearsals or sport training down to the bush campus. In a similar way at 3.00pm each day a teacher or teachers aide will bring students from the bush campus up to after school care. • Will students be able to walk freely between sites? • No. Students will always have to move between sites under the escort of a teacher or teacher aide. • Will our students have use of the oval? • No. There will be space for some running games. For games requiring large spaces for running students from the bush campus will need to use the playground space on the main campus.

  9. Q & A • How will recess and lunch operate? • For recess students will remain at the bush campus. There will be play areas under the trees near centennial avenue for more passive games and running space in other areas. • At lunch time students from the bush campus will have the opportunity to go to the main campus to spend their lunch. In the same way students from the main campus will have the opportunity to go to the bush campus to spend their lunch. All will be under the escort of teachers or teachers aides. • How do parents manage to drop off and pick up students at both campuses? • Parents with students at both campuses can drop both students off at the main campus. Those that need to go to the bush campus can be taken down with the other students from before school care and students involved in music rehearsals. • Will there be office staff and first aid at the bush campus? • Yes. There will always be at least one person working in the office and there will be a supervised sick bay.

  10. Q & A • Will the bush campus be linked to the main campus for phones and IT? • Yes. It will be all on the same network. • How will scripture work with the bush campus? • Scripture for stage 2 will operate at the bush campus. The scripture teachers will come down and conduct the lessons in the classrooms. • Will they have assemblies at the bush campus? • Stage 2 assemblies will occur at the bush campus. There should be plenty of space under the COLA to comfortably cater for the whole stage. • How will students get to their clubs at lunchtime? • Many clubs will run at the bush campus as well as at the main campus. Students who need to go from one campus to the other for a club will move with the other students as per lunch time arrangements stated previously.

  11. Q & A • Will Bush Campus students mix with High School Students? • No. Bush Campus and related play areas will be out of bounds to all High School students. Teachers will be on duty to supervise play areas at all times. • What different activities take place on the Bush Campus? • In addition to normal curriculum lessons there will be expanded options for environmental education and sport activities. This will/ might include gardening, caring for small animals and cooking. In addition areas of the bush campus will facilitate orienteering. • Who will be in charge at the Bush campus? • Overall first line responsibility will be with the Principal. To support the Principal the DP ( Mr McKinnon) will be on site. Mr McKinnon will have an office in the Administration Building .An Assistant Principal for Stage 2 will shortly be appointed for the Bush Campus.

  12. Q & A • How will medications be managed for those students who require them. • Year 3 and 4 student's individual medication boxes will be stored in the office at the Bush Campus and be taken on excursions and to sport by their teacher in line with current practice. • If students in Year 3 or 4 require medication while at the main campus there is a spare epipen and asthma medication in the school office which can be used in case of emergency. Maintaining an individual medication box at each campus is also an option if parents consider it necessary. • Students with conditions other than asthma and anaphylaxis requiring medication will need to contact the principal to discuss how the needs of their child can be best met.