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APC welcomes HENA

APC welcomes HENA. June 16, 2003 Pierre Binétruy. The APC (AstroParticule et Cosmologie) Institute is based on the following principles:. Bring together in the same institute experimentalists, observers and theorists

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APC welcomes HENA

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  1. APC welcomes HENA June 16, 2003 Pierre Binétruy

  2. TheAPC (AstroParticule et Cosmologie)Instituteisbased on the following principles: • Bring together in the same institute experimentalists, observers and theorists • Center the field of study around three topics: high energy astrophysics cosmology neutrinos • Not duplicate the construction capabilities of spatial labs but preserve the possibilities of building prototypes and testing • Develop technical expertise at both ends: development of new projects and data handling

  3. Photodetection Theory High Energy Astrophysics Cosmology Neutrinos Data handling

  4. Who are we?(November 2002) • 73 permanent researchers:  39 particle physicists 26 astrophysicists including theorists 8 theorists • 47 technical and administrative staffs

  5. Physics (APC,…) Where are we? Tolbiac campus

  6. Halle aux farines Bâtiment industriel Physics Building The physics building in March 2000

  7. The APC laboratory: 2005

  8. 80 permanent researchers 80 non-permanent researchers 80 technical and administrative staff • app. 240 persons (2008)

  9. Fédération de recherches APC2002-2004 • Gathers all (astro)physicists who intend to join the APC lab in 2005 • Strengthens the scientific program of the the future lab and encourages the merging of the different communities • Draws the exact contours of the future lab • Defines the exact mode of operation of APC

  10. High energy  @ APC : present Antares : Saclay group (SPP) Theory

  11. 2004 2006 2008 2002 2010 2012 • Auger Northern hemisphere ? Auger EUSO • km3 ? ANTARES Borexino APC Experimental Program - Preliminary - 09.02 Data taking and analysis Archéops AMI or other ? Planck Supernovae (SNAP) ? INTEGRAL GLAST CAT, CELESTE • HESS phase 2 ? HESS Future neutrinos : LENS (XMASS), Superbeams, bb0n ... Détecteur Mégatonne ??? LISA ???

  12. High energy  @ APC : future • Antares  km3 But also • Auger • EUSO • Complementarity with high energy gamma rays : HESS, INTEGRAL, X-shooter (gamma ray bursts @ VLT), GLAST

  13. APC workshops 2001: physics and astrophysics of extra dimensions 2002: observational cosmology (CMB and SZ) 2003: neutrinos 19/05-17/06 LowNU2003  HENA

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