templenewsam lodge no 4471 r a o b n.
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Templenewsam Lodge No. 4471 R.A.O.B. PowerPoint Presentation
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Templenewsam Lodge No. 4471 R.A.O.B.

Templenewsam Lodge No. 4471 R.A.O.B.

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Templenewsam Lodge No. 4471 R.A.O.B.

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  1. TemplenewsamLodgeNo. 4471 R.A.O.B. Charity Champions

  2. The Templenewsam Lodge was always ready to do their Benevolence bit for the Order and our first success was winning the Jack Parker Cup in 1973. After winning the trophy it never left our lodge and no other lodge could take it from us.

  3. Jack Parker Cup Winners 1973

  4. Winners again 1974

  5. The Templenewsam Lodge No.4471 R.A.O.B. Became part of the community of Seacroft following the appearance of Bro. Gordon Ward as Lady Gordenia Tashless opening the the Seacroft Village Gala in May 1975.

  6. Lady Gordenia Tashless and the Askins 1975

  7. Gordon’s appearance gave the lodge the impetus to become involved in charity work outside the lodge and Order. The first effort was a pram race around the pubs of Seacroft and raised the princely sum of £54. This was a fair amount in 1975 and was given to St. James Church. It was a memorable day as you will see.

  8. The one and only Big Baby Gordon Ward

  9. Bearded Mother and child David Ward and Colin Boileau

  10. First stop at The Cricketers

  11. Pete Horstead And Tony Isles

  12. Ken Spink, Bill Askin and George Horstead

  13. Later in 1975 we attended A Fancy Dress Dance In the Village Hall I bet Ken Spink Remembers it well

  14. It was the following year , 1976 when we Took the Seacroft Village Gala and shook it’s very foundations when the lodge took part and opened a ‘Wild West Corral’

  15. Three of our late members Dennis Burnan, Bill Simpson & Gordon Ward

  16. Alison Pethrick,Audrey Burnan & Val Askin

  17. Even the children joined in

  18. Iris Wood and Joy Horstead on the ‘door’

  19. Following our success at the Gala the Lodge arranged a Charity cricket match On the Village green

  20. I don’t think Lords would approve the dress code

  21. It was in 1976 the Concert Party was formed We only had a few rehearsals. Here’s one Bill Askin, Gordon Ward, Pete Horstead, Bill Simpson & Dennis Burnan

  22. One of our most memorable sketches was the Golf routine This was performed By Bill Askin and Gordon Ward.

  23. In Jubilee Year of 1977 the lodge built a Castle on the Green for its Medieval Theme I will remember this day for the rain and Dennis Burnan and the pig.

  24. Some people have to be more colourful than others Did Bill Askin go over the top with this outfit?

  25. Jan. 1978 saw the lodge Party with a Western Theme Harry Simpson,Gordon Ward,Pete Horstead Ken Spink,Bill Simpson,Bill Askin & Dennis Burnan

  26. Again Jan.1978 another tradition sadly gone now A Burns Night in Full Highland Dress!!!!!

  27. The Seacroft Gala 1978 This had a Pirate Theme

  28. Long Johns Ward & Valerie Askin

  29. The Seacroft Gala 1979 This time we tried a Gypsy Theme

  30. Seacroft Gala 1980 Another Change Now we are Fairies

  31. The Seacroft Village Gala 1981 This Year it was Cavemen Who is smiling behind the mask?

  32. Any excuse to dress up. Fancy Dress Do At The Village Hall 1981

  33. Another new adventure: The Garforth Pram Race 1981

  34. Two of the Fearsome Vikings!!!!! Bill Askin Gordon Ward

  35. 1981 also saw our 60th Lodge Birthday Is this where we got a taste for barbeques?

  36. Back to Seacroft Gala 1982 Reverting to type ‘The CLOWNS’

  37. ‘CinderFella’ 1982 Pantomime The Custard Pie Scene Starring Bill Askin, Ken Spink, Dennis Burnan & Gordon Ward

  38. A new venture for us in 1983 Seacroft Hospital

  39. First of our Sporting Efforts 1983 again 12 hour Sponsored Badminton

  40. The Concert Party in Action 1984 The Oliver Routine Hedley, Ken, Keith, Peter, Maurice, Richard & Gordon Dennis, Harry,Bill Wood & Bill Askin

  41. Seacroft Hospital 1984 This was the start of our Clown Era & face Painting

  42. 1985 again and The Lodge turn out to help Bro. K.Hannam at All Saints Church.

  43. Into the big time in 1986 First time we achieved £1,000

  44. 1986 At All Saints Church again Now we are well into Clowning about

  45. 1986 at Seacroft Hospital Garden party Saw the return of the VIKINGS

  46. 1987 and double your money £2,000 for Martin House

  47. 1989 Still entertaining the Old Folks The Mad Doctors and Patients Maurice Pethrick, Keith Hannam & Ken Spink

  48. The Concerts always included the Golf Sketch The Pro’ still smart the pupil has a bigger cap

  49. 1989 Saw Bill and Gordon at Notton Fair

  50. 1990 (Gordon PGP) Back at Notton With help from Audrey and Val