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  1. Inferencing Let’s be detectives!!

  2. Josh • Josh entered the gate and immediately heard, “Crunch Crunch!” Those animals are very tall Josh thought. They look funny with their spots! When he was done looking at the spotted creatures he went to see some gray animals that must weigh a ton. He threw some of his peanuts at the animal and saw a man coming over to talk to him. • What animal did Josh see first? • Where did he go second? • What might happen to Josh?

  3. Carson • Carson walked into the kitchen. HE opened a square box from last night’s celebration. The square food looked like a tasty treat. Chocolate was his favorite! Mmm…mmm… he thought. He couldn’t wait to take the circular object out of the hot compartment. her mouth started to water. • What did Carson want to eat? • What did he take out of the compartment? • What do you think he will do next?

  4. Vanessa • Vanessa walked into the crowded place. She could not wait to get her favorite buttery and salty snack. Her mom ordered butterfingers and her brother ordered nachos. Her favorite movie was about to start. She started to sing, “It’s the best of both worlds…” Vanessa sat down on her seat with a smile. • Where is Vanessa? • What is Vanessa getting for her snack? • What movie is Vanessa watching?

  5. Kendall • It was Sunday afternoon and Laurynwas bored. She decided to watch television. She turned on the television and saw a lot of green grass, blue water, and white sand. The man on the television was holding a driver with a small white ball. The guy playing this game had an animals name. She watched for a while, and then her eyelids got heavy. • What game was Laurynwatching? • Who was the guy playing? • What did Lauryndo next?

  6. Sadie • It was Sadie’s birthday. She was on the way to her party. She put her shoes with wheels in her bag. Sadie was very excited about her party. When they got to the party she began rolling around the rink with her friends. The man on the microphone told the kids to line up. He said, “On your mark, get set, go…” • What was Sadie putting in her bag? • Where was Sadie’s party? • What will Sadie do next?

  7. Garrett • Garrett had to go to his four-year old cousin’s birthday party. The only thing he was excited about was the pizza and games. He hated watching the mouse and the band sing. He started to roll balls up a ramp into three different targets. The targets had numbers on them. The middle target had the most points. He won 300 tickets. He was very excited. Garrett walked up to a counter. • Where is Garrett? • What game was Garrett playing? • What will he do next?

  8. Khloe • Khloe went shopping with her mother. They walked into the store and a lady greeted them. They needed to buy groceries, new shoes, and a Barbie doll for her sister. Khloe had to get her eyes check too. When they left Khloe got a yellow smiley face sticker. When she walked into the street she heard a honk!!! • Where did Khloe go shopping? • What happened to Khloe next?

  9. Elliott • Elliott went to his friend Paul’s house. The family invited him for dinner. Elliott sat down at the table and was confused. There was no silverware, only sticks. He didn’t know what to do. Paul’s mother put a beef dish with rice in front of Elliott. She called it Mongolian beef. It looked weird to Elliott. He didn’t want to be rude to Paul’s mother. • What are the sticks called at the table? • What ethic background is Paul? • What will Elliott do next?

  10. Jasmine • Jasmine was looking out the window wondering when they were going to get to their destination. She had asked her father a dozen times to pull over. She had been crossing her legs for about an hour. Her dad didn’t like to stop. Finally he pulled over. She ran!!! • Where was the window Jasmine was looking out of? • Where did Jasmine run to? When she got back. They traveled one more hour until Jasmine saw the Statue of Liberty? Where is Jasmine’s family going?

  11. John • John’s dad came home and had two tickets in his hand. John was so excited. They got in the car and drove to the American Airlines Center. All of a sudden the arena went dark and he heard, “Wave your hands in the air! Wave them like you just don’t care!” All of a sudden, John saw the man point to him and hand him the microphone. • What kind of event is at the American Airlines Center? • What did John do next?

  12. Connor • Connor and his family waited in line to buy tickets to the dolphin show. The family took their seats for the show. Connor wanted to sit in the front row. They saw a trainer blow a whistle and dolphins flew in the air. All of a sudden, they saw a black and white whale do a flip and land with a big splash. Drops of water went everywhere. • Where were Connor and his family? • What is the black and white whale called? • What happened next?

  13. Kyle • Kyle and his family got in the car. It was dinner time. They drove up to the Golden Arches. Kyle ordered a meal that made him smile. He sat down and began dipping his food in barbeque sauce. He spilled a little sauce on his shirt. • Where did Kyle and his family go to dinner? • What did Kyle order? • What did Kyle do next?

  14. Trevor • Trevor went to the mall with his mother. They walked up to the sales counter and asked the lady if they could smell some different fragrances. The sales lady began spraying different scents on Trevor’s arm. The lady sprayed too much and some landed in Trevor’s mouth. He was not too happy about this. • Where was Trevor? • What did Trevor want to buy? • What happened next?

  15. Jesse and Herman • Jesse and Herman bought popcorn, candy, and a drink and found their seats. They sat down. The screen showed blood and guts everywhere. The boys were very scared. They shouldn’t have snuck into that show. Jesse and Herman were up all night long. Brennan’s mother was wondering why the boys were not sleeping. She walked into Brennan’s room to see what was wrong. • Where did Jesse and Herman go? • What was the show rated? • What will happen to Jesse and Herman?

  16. Lauryn and Mckinlee • Lauryn and Mckinlee showed their ID card and went through the security check. The girls took their ticket to the counter to see if they was leaving on time. The girls heard the attendant call, “Now boarding group one.” They sat down in seat C3 and . She was so excited. Lauryn and Mckinlee were sitting next to Miley Cyrus’ dad. They was so nervous. Finally, both girls got up the nerve to ask him a few questions. • What did Lauryn and Mckinlee board? • Who were they sitting next to? • What might they do next?

  17. Hannah • Hannah’s mother dropped her off to practice. She immediately walked in the door and got on the long narrow beam. She started to practice her flips and jumps. All of a sudden, her knees started to feel weak and Hannah’s face looked scared. • What sport was Hannah practicing? • What kind of beam was she on? • What will happen to Hannah next?

  18. Carlos • Carlos didn’t get much sleep the night before. He was too excited for this morning because this day only came once a year. He had made sure he checked his wish list twice and given a copy of it to his parents and his grandparents. When the clock in his room showed 7:00am he dashed to the living room to look under the tree and was shocked and surprised at what he saw. • What day was it? • What was on the list he made for his parents and grandparents? • Why do you think he was surprised?

  19. Chance and Annika • Chance and Annika had been teammates for two years. This game is the most important of their lives. Annika’s job was too keep the ball out of the goal and Chance’s was a forward. They carried the white and black ball around with them for an entire day hoping for good luck. They only had to win one more game to be able to take home the gold medal. • What game were they playing? • What place were they trying to win? • What was Annika’s position?

  20. Courtney • Courtney woke up early in the morning to watch TV. She heard words like, “Hot, windy, high, and low. After watching the short clip Courtney went to get dressed. She decided to wear shorts and short sleeve t-shirt. • What was Courtney watching? • Why do you think Courtney dressed in shorts and short sleeve shirt?