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Do Now

Do Now. In your notebooks on page 2 (LEFT side) Please respond to the following: Write a few sentences about a birthday you remember vividly. Explain how you felt on that birthday and why you felt that way.

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Do Now

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  1. Do Now • In your notebooks on page 2 (LEFT side) Please respond to the following: Write a few sentences about a birthday you remember vividly. Explain how you felt on that birthday and why you felt that way. You are going to compare your birthday experiences to the narrator’s when you have finished reading.

  2. Today’s Agenda!! • Do Now • Short Story Eleven • Comprehension Worksheet • Posters • Symbolism • Exit Assessment

  3. Benchmark One Foldable • You will make a very simple foldable for the Benchmark. • This will simply provide you with the big ideas that you need to know for the test, BUT you still have to study ALL of your notes since the beginning of the year. • You will receive one piece of construction paper. • Fold it hamburger style. • On the front cover, write the following… Benchmark One Review Guide Name English Period ***Note: I will study this guide, but I will also read through ALL of my notes!!

  4. Foldable • You will take notes today on one page only!! You will use the other two pages for the next two days of review!! • Let me show you!!

  5. 1.) Qualities of Character • Example Question: • If Tony has strong technical skills and Steve does not, what conflict are they most likely to experience if they are assigned to work on a computer project together? • A.)They might argue over whose computer to use • B.)Tony might resent having to do most of the technical work • C.)Steve might be angry with Tony for planning the project • D.)They might disagree about what grade they should get on the project • A quality is something that people may have as part of their character, for example courage or intelligence. • Characters experience conflict because of their different qualities. • These conflicts are often the basis for the plot and how the story unfolds. Sometimes the reader can predict how a conflict will be resolved between characters, and sometimes it comes as a surprise.

  6. 2.) Tone • Tone is the attitude a writer has towards something or someone. It’s the emotion that you feel when you read a work. • To express tone, author’s often use word choice and figurative language. • Some possible attitudes are: serious, depressing, pessimistic, angry, optimistic, earnest, playful, bitter, humorous, and joyful.

  7. 3.) Point of View • Point of view means who tells the story and how it is told. • The two most common point of views are first person and third person. • -First person- • -The narrator is the main character. • -Uses words such as: • I • ME • WE • US • MY • OUR • -Third person- • -The narrator knows the thoughts, actions, and feelings of one or all of the characters. • -Uses words such as: • He • She • They

  8. 4.) Foreign Words • Many foreign phrases are used in English, for exaggeration, or to express ideas that are not present in English itself. • Some words may be French (often end in –et), Spanish (often end in –o or –a), or Italian.

  9. What do you need the most help on?? • I want you to spend 3 minutes to think about what lessons you need the most help with. • On the left side of your notebook, make a list from #1-4. • #1 is the lesson you need most help on, and #4 is the one you feel you are doing well with. • The following are the lessons: • Qualities of Character • Tone • Point of View • Foreign Words

  10. Practice Time!! • You will now have the rest of the period to practice these lessons. • It is important that you work hard on these activities and ASK QUESTIONS if you need help.  • You will have 20 minutes at each station. • You are going to go to your #1 station first. When I say, “Switch,” you will go to your #2 station, and so forth. • ***Note: If there are too many people at one station, simply go to the next one on your list!! Then, you may go back. • At each station, take one worksheet, complete it, check your answers, and then put it back. 

  11. Homework!! • STUDY!!!! 

  12. Monday- • Qualities of character x • Tone x • Point of view x • Foreign words x • Wednesday- • Main idea x • Outlines and summaries x & pg. 736 in textbook • Capitalization x • Forms of fiction x • Friday- • Writing consistency x • Form of writing x

  13. Do Now • School is a big part of a young person's life. Different students enjoy different aspects of school: sports, classes, friends, activities, etc. What do you like most about school and why? Be sure to write at least five sentences and use good details!!

  14. Benchmark!! • As an Alliance school, we will have three Benchmark exams. • Every 6th grader in all Alliance schools will take the same test to see if you are mastering all of the standards. • The Benchmark is an extremely important test that you need to study and prepare for, and take seriously!! • This whole week, we wilreview all of the lessons we have learned to ensure you are fully prepared for this test!!

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